What is a Kone?!


The 30th of July 2014 was not only a monumental day for Everton but also for my then Fiancée and I. For my Fiancée and me, we were travelling up to the Cotswolds to finish tying up the final preparations for our wedding on 1st August. For Everton they announced the signing of Romelu Lukaku! For the record I was over the moon to be marrying my now wife but knowing we had finally invested in the ‘30 goals a season’ striker we’d been crying out for I was ecstatic.

Fast Forward to 11th April 2015. Lukaku has managed only 8 league goals this season and his form domestically, like so many has been poor at times. The £28 million price tag has brought its own pressures, but I feel Lukaku has been wrongly singled out for criticism especially ahead of other players who have been equally as poor.

Today there have been rumours circulating in the national press that Athletico Madrid are interested in our number ten. Unfortunately now he’s changed agents the rumour mill will go into over drive until the summer transfer window closes.

Whether you rate Lukaku or not I’m sure your appreciation of him has gone up three fold the past few weeks! Since he injured his hamstring against QPR we have been treated to what life without Lukaku would be like. The answer is not a pretty one. Last week against Southampton and yesterday against Swansea we had to endure watching Arouna Kone leading the line in our famous number nine shirt. He’s nowhere near good enough to be wearing a blue shirt let alone wearing one that has been graced by Dixie, Bob Latchford or Big Dunc. People will argue he was involved in our goal yesterday, I’d give them their due he was. However it was a poor touch that led to McCarthy running on to the ball before crossing to Lennon. As a centre forward he has literally no attacking instinct and you just can’t see him scoring. Every time he does something good it’s followed up something equally as poor. If his first touch is good his lay off is short, if we break in numbers, when he turns out he always turns away from on rushing players. I’ll give him his due, his Everton career has been blighted by injuries but after playing the last four games it’s obvious he isn’t good enough.

I tweeted before kick off yesterday that I couldn’t see where the goals were going to come from. Apart from the two bits of football we played just before half time, one being the goal and the other being an intricate move finishing with Pienaar having a shot well saved, we looked so lacklustre in the final third. The majority of our efforts ended up being ‘pee rollers’ from outside of the box. As a front man Kone gives us no outlet both from an attacking and defensive point of view. When we need a ball to release the pressure he doesn’t hold it up, he’s poor in the air and unless players are running beyond him we’re not going to stretch teams.

Kone isn’t totally to blame as he doesn’t pick the team, but he does fall under the category of a ‘Martinez favourite’. I’m so fed up with his incessant need to leave his favourites on the pitch regardless of how they are playing. I read Martinez blamed our draw yesterday on trying to go for a second goal instead of holding on to what we had. If we’d had a centre forward of any quality yesterday we would’ve finished Swansea off at the start of the second half. Unfortunately when Swansea did start to turn the screw mid-way through the second half Martinez dallied with his subs and left Kone on. At the time we needed an outlet and someone to take the pressure off the midfield and back four. The rest as they say is history but there is no doubt if we’d had Naismith on earlier we’d have had a better chance of holding on to the lead.

For the time being our options are severely limited with only Naismith ‘according’ to Martinez as our only other recognised senior forward at the club. With six games remaining I’d bring some of the Under 21 players into the match day squad. Surely they would offer more enthusiasm and ability than Kone is currently displaying. Martinez promised that Kone would show us what we’ve missed now he’s fit. It’s clear to see what we are missing now and that’s Lukaku!

Let’s wish, hope and pray Lukaku is fit for the remainder of the season as I can’t take watching Kone any longer. Last time I checked, Nil Satis Nisi Optimum didn’t make any reference to average Ivorian strikers. Martinez take note!


A return to the old lady!

cropped-goodison-under-lights1.pngThis Saturday against Southampton marks my first trip up the M6/M56 for a league game this season and I can’t wait! My Dad and I have struggled to get up to many games this season due to family and work commitments. We’ve been to Lille and West Ham away and Wolfburg and Hull at home, but finally we get the opportunity to travel up to the Old Lady for a traditional Saturday afternoon kick off. For me the Saturday afternoon kick offs are equally as notable as night games.

For me Saturday afternoon games bring a real sense of nostalgia to Goodison. Regardless of what Sky may have you believe, football did exist prior to 1992! The feeling you get when you walk around the Old Lady prior to kick off is one of immense nostalgic pride. Recollecting aforementioned days when Dixie use to travel to the ground via the bus or when Pele stepped off the Brazilian coach on Goodison Road in 66’. However the moment you walk to your seat of preference you realise the rich history of the players that have graced the hollowed turf of Goodison, one that will never be replicated. Players such as Dixie, Young, Ball, Royle, Latchford, Pele and Eusabio to mention a few. The Old Lady has witnessed some of the world’s greats, and you’d be hard pressed to find another English football league ground with as much history as Goodison holds.

Nevertheless the moment for me that is synonymous to Everton on a match day more than anything is the moment Z Cars is played. The very second that drum roll begins, it sends shivers down my spine and makes the hairs on my neck stand on end. When that second cymbal crashes and the players begin to walk out is the moment that my heart rate starts to go through the roof! The expectancy of the game ahead and memories of days gone by really gets my heart pumping.

My trips to Goodison are always special as I get to share in the occasion with my Dad. Building more great memories and reminiscing of previous days gone by. Win lose or draw our two hour journey home are always filled with dissecting every aspect of the match. Although the journeys home can be monotonous sometimes, especially when you’ve just been turned over 4-0 by Bolton in December 2005! That’s the beauty of sport and how unpredictable it can be sometimes. That adjective couldn’t be more apt than it is for Everton though. The most predictable unpredictable team you’ll ever come across. However it is in our blood and as the motto goes, ‘we didn’t choose we were chosen’. Nonetheless we do keep coming back thirsting for more!

However long or short your journey may be this Saturday, let’s just hope it’s another memorable trip to see the Old Lady, as it will be one sad day when we move away from L4 4EL!

The Changing of the Guard

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 22:  Seamus Coleman of Everton celebrates his goal during the Barclays Premier League match between Queens Park Rangers and Everton at Loftus Road on March 22, 2015 in London, England.  (Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)

Here we are just over a week on after the Newcastle game. It’s been a positive week in regards to picking up two wins in the league, and now seem to be pulling away from the dreaded relegation zone. Last week everyone was so encouraged by the display against the Geordies. It had everything we, the supporters had been asking for. Two upfront, pace, power, directness and going into the trip to Kiev everyone was so upbeat. Unfortunately Martinez and the players took every ounce of that positivity and turned it into the worst performance of the season. I don’t need to elaborate about what we should or shouldn’t have done. Unfortunately the people involved in that harrowing defeat didn’t do their jobs properly, the rest they say is consigned to the history books.

From the catastrophe in Kiev we moved onto a massive six pointer against QPR. I thought the days of six pointers had long gone, but due to our huge fall from grace this year they have returned. We returned to the same personnel, shape and formation that fared so well against Newcastle. Unfortunately we played like a team that hadn’t played together before. Granted that may have something to do with the arduous trip to Kiev and back. There was no getting away from how poor we looked and how good we made QPR look. QPR fought like their lives depended on it and to say they gave us real scare is an understatement. They seemed to want the game so much more than we did, played to their strengths and put us under a lot of pressure. Lucky for us they were unable to take any of their chances and only managed one shot on target (typically their goal). Barring the two goals we scored (which were two very good team goals) we were distinctly average. The highlights being Lennon’s goal, work ethic and the return to the back four of John Stones. As we’ve been saying for weeks all that really matters in the last 10 games is we win games. If someone had said before the Newcastle game that we would’ve two league wins in succession we would’ve snapped their hands off. But Sunday for me highlighted the real issues running through the squad.

 The wins against Newcastle and QPR have taken the immediate pressure off us in regards to relegation. I hope now we can start to look up the league instead of down and concentrate on winning as many games between now and the end of the season. Come the end of the season and barring a huge collapse we will be in the Premier League again for another year. For me and I’m sure for others the end of the season can’t come soon enough. A season that had promised so much has been one full of disappointment. We have certainly been left with more questions than answers to our beloved club. What has gone wrong? Why have we been found out so badly? Why have the players under performed so poorly? It’s hard to pin-point directly what the issues are, it has been a collective effort. From the board, management and players we have been massively let down.

 Kenwright has to hold some responsibility of this season. The lack of ambition this guy holds for the club is frightening. In his 24/7 search for investment he has returned absolutely nothing. How long will fans sit down and just accept this this mediocrity we’ve had to put up with since we lifted the FA Cup in 1995?! If it wasn’t for the huge television deals we’d be near enough bankrupt. While they continue he can hide behind the TV deals and not invest a penny himself. Until fans start voting with their feet he will continue to hide in shadows. As a theatre impresario he loves the limelight. It’s no coincidence that when we are winning and doing well you can’t shut the guy up. However this year when we’ve been atrocious he’s been nowhere to been seen. I’ve been really surprised he’s not come out and backed Martinez publically during the season. For years we have required investment in the playing squad that hasn’t been forth coming. Unfortunately now most of the Moyesites need replacing. For me he has a huge summer. If there is a lack of investment then I will be at my final straw with him, either put up or shut up Bill. We want our Everton back!

 Personally I’m at my last tether with Roberto too and for me this season he has shown his true colours. We’ve gone from one extreme to another with him. Last season he walked into the club like a breath of fresh air but this year it’s like he’s forgot to switch the glade plug in on! From playing players out of position to playing players in the wrong formation to his bizarre and frustrating substitutions. He was ‘Mr positive’ in everything he did last year. However you’d struggle to take any positives from this season. I use to enjoy watching us play under Roberto and I use to get excited at the prospect of watching us when he first arrived, but not anymore. When he arrived Dave Whelan said ‘Roberto will take you places you can only dream about’. I’m not sure on the brink of relegation was quite what most of us had in mind. My biggest pet hate towards Roberto is his nauseating post match interviews. His positivity is to be admired sometimes but I think he forgets that we have to sit through the same ninety five minutes of tripe he does. As fans we know we don’t always play well but to be told we were fantastic, showing phenomenal character when we’ve been truly woeful at Hull, Stoke et al is exasperating. As a fan I’d respect him a whole lot more if he was just more honest. Some will say let’s give him until Christmas, Moyes finished 17th in his second season…. That’s true, but Moyes had spent less money and had a squad severely lacking anywhere near as much quality as the one Martinez currently has at his disposal. Sadly for us Kenwright isn’t brave enough or ambitious enough to make a change. Consequently for the foreseeable future we are just going to accept El Bob.

It’s not only the management team who are to blame for this abysmal season but the current squad have to equally bare some of the responsibility. Too many players have underperformed this season. Apart from Stones, McCarthy and Lukaku not many others can say they put in performances worthy of an Everton player. Yes we have been incredibly unlucky with injuries to key players throughout the course of the season but some of the so called ‘top players’ need to be held accountable. I don’t for any reason believe the players have played poorly on purpose but I do believe a large number of the ever dependable ‘Moyes era’ players have ‘run their course’ and the squad is in dire need of a massive overhaul. The lack of investment and commitment from the board has led to a dependence on the core ‘Moyes players’ which are now coming towards the end of their Everton careers.

 For me the following players need replacing this summer:

Howard – 36, has been a good servant for the club but this year he has been found out. Making so many high profile mistakes. His save percentage is a shocking 55.6%. The need for a new keeper is priority.

Distin – 37, an excellent servant also but has endured a difficult season and rightly lost his place to John Stones. His contract expires in the summer and fully expect him to leave.

Alcaraz – 32, a better player in his and Martinez’s head than he actually is in reality. For a centre half he doesn’t attack the ball in the air, his spatial awareness is terrible and he makes whoever he’s partnered at CB with look half the player. Mainly because they have twice the work to do!

Hibbert – 34, our one club man has been a brilliant servant for the club. But he’s been anonymous this year due to injuries and is taking up wages that could be offered to another player. I’d personally offer him a coaching role at the club as his experience could be invaluable to the younger lads coming through.

Pienaar – 33, a player who came back from Spurs but never really reached the levels he achieved before his move to North London. His second spell and this season have been hampered by knee and thigh injuries. Have missed his link up play with Baines, we are desperate for a similar wide player.

Osman – 33, like Hibbert an Evertonian who understands the club and someone who we have also missed this year. He’s not getting any younger though and although a good squad player he can’t be relied upon to play 38 league games.

Kone – 31, his Everton career has been ruined by injuries so far. Only recently recovering from a long term knee injury. What we have seen though is he isn’t going to be threatening Lukaku’s place in the first team. A younger and better alternative is needed.

 If rumours are to be believed Kevin Mirallas will also be leaving. A player who is brilliant on his day but unfortunately has as much fight as a wet paper bag. When things are going well he’s brilliant but plays well every third game and when we are in need of players rolling up their sleeves he’s nowhere to be seen. If we get anything over £10 million for him will represent good business.

The above players need replacing as a matter of urgency. Nonetheless where are these players going to come from? I have conducted my own scouting of potential players that could come in and improve the current squad.

If we could offload Howard to the MLS it would open up sufficient wages to bring in a top goalkeeper. We have always struggled to find the right candidates where long term goalkeepers are concerned. Cast your minds back to the fateful botched attempts of signing Nigel Martyn or Mark Schwarzer in 1996. Both goalkeepers would’ve been excellent successors to Big Nev. We eventually brought in Martyn in 2003, to this day the best keeper we’ve had since Nev in his heyday. I couldn’t take another 7 years of Gerrard, Simonsen, Wright or the likes before we get it right. So who are the candidates? The obvious solution would be returning to Molde and attempting to resurrect the transfer of Orjan Nyland. We nearly completed the transfer in January but couldn’t get it over the line in time. The 6 foot 4 keeper has been scouted for some time and even had a trail in 2008. Having finishing 3rd with Norway at the European Under 21 tournament in 2013, he beat David De Gea to the goalkeeper of the tournament award. Reportedly worth £3 million, would certainly be regarded as value for money. Another keeper who should be on the clubs radar is Bayern Leverkusen’s 23 year old goalkeeper; Bernd Leno. A keeper who at 23 has accumulated 200+ appearances for Bayern and this season he has 12 clean sheets in 26 games. A big commanding 6 foot 3 keeper who’s a great shot stopper who reminds me of a young Peter Schmeichel. He only has two years left on his contract so would command a reduced fee.

With Distin probably leaving in the summer and the form of Alcaraz we are in need of greater centre half cover. The less we say about Alcaraz the better, especially after the Kiev game. But the game highlighted the need for better cover. Jagielka has got a couple more years in him left and Stones is getting better with every game but if any of the former gets injured we are left woefully short. It has been well documented that there is a shortage of good centre backs in European football. The fact that Manchester City paid nearly £32 million for Eliaquim Mangala is proof alone. Someone who is attainable this summer on a Bosman will be Ron Vlaar at Aston Villa; the imperious and commanding central defender had an excellent World Cup in Brazil. Unfortunately due to a persistent knee injury he has been reduced to just 14 appearances for the Midlands club. At only 29 he is of the right age to still get another good four to five years out of him in his peak. Also open on a free in the summer will be Fabian Schar of FC Basel. A ball playing centre half who is good with the ball, great from set pieces and at only 22 shows experience beyond his years. If successful he could well be our centre half partnership for Stones for next 10 years. With Hibbert’s injuries and advancing years we have limited options at right back. Ignazio Abate the AC Milan right back has stalled on a new contract and is available and at 27 would offer Coleman the competition he needs to drive him on. It’s fair to say he hasn’t hit the heights he hit last year, but that could be alleged of a few of the first team players. Ignazio is a tricky and pacey right back that can also play left back if need be.

Similar to the defence, we have struggled this year for wide players and creative options. We’ve been hampered by long term injuries to Osman and Pienaar. There are several different options across Europe that would improve the creative options in the squad. One player we’ve been linked to over the past year and have extensively scouted is Rafa Silva of SC Braga in Portugal. Silva is an attacking midfielder who can play right across the front three as a wide attacking midfielder or as a number 10. He’s played majority of his games for Braga as a left sided attacking midfielder, playing 26 games making 4 assists and scoring 2 goals. Not the greatest of stats but he’s only 21 and there is plenty of room to develop. His development this season has been hampered playing in a Braga team that have struggled this year, who are currently out of the champions league places in the Primeira Liga. He has a £19 million buyout clause but the Portuguese press have been quoted as stating that a fee closer to £8 million would be enough to seal the deal. Another player who looks increasingly likely to be available for free in the summer is Yevhen Konoplyanka of Dnipro. A fast, penetrative winger with outstanding dribbling skills, Yevhen Konoplyanka 25, has been talked up as the ‘Ukrainian Messi’. He has scored 6 goals in 27 appearances, contributing 5 assists. Kontoplyanka was linked to the club in January and there will be plenty of suitors come the summer but he is a player we are crying out for. Continuing the left winger theme we have been linked to Andre Ayew this week. According to recent reports Roberto flew out to watch Ayew in action for Olympique Marseille against RC Lens. Marseille won the game 4-0 with Ayew scoring the 3rd goal. Ayew is similar to Kontoplyanka as far as he is a winger with bags of pace. He’s more direct than the Ukrainian but suits playing in a 433. In 21 games in all competitions he has scored 8 goals and contributed 5 assists. We’ve been lacking players with pace this year as our football has been so slow and predictable. If we could attract one or two of these players, we certainly would look more direct and add goals and assists from midfield we’ve been crying out for this year.

Equally comparable to the way we’ve struggled creatively is the way we’ve lacked goals this season. It says something that Samuel Eto’o is still our fourth joint highest goal scorer in the league with 3 goals! In my opinion Kone is going to struggle to get anywhere near the amount of goals required, so for me he needs replacing as well as bringing in a forward to replace the outgoing Eto’o from January. There are numerous options across Europe that could come in and improve our front line. Two players who are available on Bosmans this summer are Andre-Pierre Gignac of Olympique Marseille and Mark Uth of SC Heerenveen. Gignac, 29 is a big strong centre forward who is great in the air. A player who could be a good foil for Lukaku and very similar to Kone in that respect. The difference to Kone is Gignac knows where the goal is. This season he has scored 18 in 31 appearances for the French side. Mark Uth 23, is a very different player to Gignac, a cultured centre forward who has good pace and an eye for goal, comparisons to Lucas Podolski have already been made. He’s had a brilliant season with Heerenveen scoring 14 in 27 appearances chipping in with 11 assists also. Not a household name but with youth on his side he would make a great addition to the squad. The prospect of having options such as Lukaku, Gignac and Uth are mouth-watering!

As you can see from above, there is plenty of quality existing this summer and especially on Bosman frees. Consequently Kenwright doesn’t have any excuses this summer. The squad is in need of a huge reshuffle and as fans we need to start seeing a progression. From the players, management and board we need to see a reaction this summer and we can send out a real message. It’s probably one of the biggest in our recent history. Let’s hope it a positive summer and one we can look back of and say 2015 was really the changing of the guard!

If It’s Time to Go, Where Do We Go?


It’s been the subject of much discussion on social media the past few weeks. No not if that stupid dress was blue and black or white and gold. But is it time for Roberto to move on? After the disastrous exit from Europe there certainly is a split between the supporters. Some supporters including myself are of the thinking that unless there is a drastic upturn in fortunes there is sadly only one conclusion to his time at the club. 7 wins out of 29 league games is nothing short of embarrassing and the fact we find ourselves in a relegation battle in March is extremely disappointing considering the so called ‘top players’ he has at his disposal. These top players have been shocking and are part of the problem but Martinez continues to pick his favourites and they continue to let him down. Yes there have been other factors like injuries, suspensions and referees that have affected us getting more points, but there is no getting away from the fact that we should’ve accumulated more points with the strength of this squad.

The player’s performances falls at Martinez’s door and his poor performances sit at Kenwright’s. For me one of two things needs to happen. We cut or losses and move Martinez on or Bill backs him and lets him clear out the deadwood in the squad and bring his own players in. The performance in Kiev screamed of a lack of freshness and highlighted the defensive frailties we possess. Alcaraz, Howard, Coleman, Atsu, Barry, McCarthy were all atrocious. I wouldn’t be opposed to accepting bids for any of our first team player bar Stones, Barkley and Lukaku. The squad needs a huge overhaul either with or without Martinez.

It’s the million dollar question, so who could we bring in and who could we attract. For argument sake let’s just say we avoided relegation but Martinez is moved on in the summer. Which candidates would be available or even interested in the job? Below is a tactical analysis of who at home and abroad may be available.

Domestically there are several young positive managers that I believe could come in and do well. The first manager who has had an excellent season is Eddie Howe at Bournemouth; yes he’s operating at a lower level in the Championship but has all the makings of a very good manager. Eddie Howe is a modern thinking football manager who encourages his teams to play attacking football with a fast tempo, pass and move. He is involved in all aspects of the football club from youth teams to the first team. He did have an unsuccessful spell at Burnley but brought in players such as Danny Ings, Sam Vokes, Kieran Tripper, Jason Shackell, Ben Mee and Charlie Austin who were all brought in for little or no money. It’s fair to say Burnley are now seeing Howe’s work coming to fruition. Howe favours a 4-4-2 formation with genuine pacey wide players, who get involved with the front two. At the time of writing this his Bournemouth side currently sit two points off the top of the Championship in their second full season in the division. His contract expires in 2016 so wouldn’t cost much to break him from his contract. The last time we chose to take a manager from the Championship it worked out pretty well but for me lacks the Premier League experience we crave at this time. Definitely he’s one to keep an eye on, if Bournemouth continue as they are we might see Howe in the Premier League next year anyway!

Another manager currently working in the Championship who should be considered is Aitor Karanka at Middleborough. Similar to Howe he is also having a fantastic season with his club. Karanka’s Boro are joint top of the Championship, only second on goal difference. The Spaniard is in his first full season in charge of the North-East club. Currently they have the best defensive record in the division, only conceding 27 goals in 38 games, which considering what a competitive league it is down there is remarkable. The next best defensive record have conceded 13 more goals than Middlesbrough. Karanka’s football tactics are closer to Mourinho’s pragmatic style than Guardiola’s tiki taka, even though he likes to play a standard 4-4-2 formation rather than the 4-3-3 favoured by his former boss. The counter-attack, the pressure exerted by the forwards, the focus on quality of possession rather than possession for possession’s sake, Middlesborough are a team full of pace. Boro have won more than double the amount of games that they have lost, something we would snatch anyone’s hands off for! As a classy Centre Half he won everything as a player including three Champions Leagues. His contract also expires next summer and could be prized away quite easily. Similar to Howe the only thing missing off his CV is experience is managing in the Premier League, but if Boro continue their success this year we might well see him sooner rather than later. He is a manager to definitely keep an eye on.

A manager who interviewed for Martinez’s job before it was given to the Spaniard was Alan Stubbs. A true Evertonian who knows what it means to play for the club. Due to his Everton ties and the former Under 21 Manager, he will definitely be linked to the job. Also due to the job he has done at Hibernian in Scotland’s second tier he deserves a mention. Currently Stubbs’ Hibs sit second in the Scottish Championship but 20 points adrift of leaders Hearts. Stubbs’ Edinburgh side have played well this season and the fact they are 20 points behind Hearts has been more to do with the good form of Hearts than the poor form of Hibs. Stubbs has just received manager of the month for February due to having an excellent month. The highlight beating Berwick Rangers 4-0 in the quarter final of the Scottish Cup and currently on a 13 match unbeaten run, stretching back to 6th December. Stubbs has dabbled with various formations but has since settled for a 4-4-2 diamond, similar to the one used by AC Milan in the mid 90’s. His experience working with the Everton youngsters has stirred his passion of working with youth players as the nucleus of his team is made up with players aged 22 – 26 years of age. In fact they only have one player over the age of 29 in the squad, which is journeyman goalkeeper Alan Combe. I have no doubt that if Stubbs continues developing within the Scottish game that one day he will have the experience required to be a future Everton manager but at present with only 8 months of managerial experience as a head coach I don’t believe he would be right for us right now, even though he does have huge ties to the club.

Bookies favourite to replace Roberto at present is Michael Laudrup. As a player he played for some of the biggest sides in Europe including Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus. Winning the ultimate European prize in the European Cup with Barca in 1992. Previously managing Swansea in the Premier League he finished 8th and won the League Cup. They beat both Liverpool and Chelsea on their way to Wembley including beating League One Bradford 5-0 in the Final. His second season in charge didn’t go as well as his first. The Swans excelled in Europe but didn’t fare so well in the Premier League. Sound familiar?! This eventually led to Laudrup losing his job. In February 2014 he was sacked by the chairman and Gary Monk was brought in. That aside Laudrup has huge pedigree and one I feel would certainly be akin to managing EFC. His record in the transfer market was excellent. Unearthing gems such as Michu, Wilfried Bony and Jonathan De Guzman, as well as getting the best out of seasoned regulars Ashley Williams, Leon Britton and Wayne Routledge. He favours a fluid 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 formation with a possession based approach with the full backs pushing up as well as a high tempo pressing game. Due to his connections across Europe generated as a player, Laudrup would certainly give EFC an advantage in the transfer market. Something we’ve not had since Walter Smith first arrived in 1998 when he managed to convince John Collins to swap Monte Carlo for Merseyside! Laudrup currently works in Qatar managing Lekhwiya SC. His contract runs out this summer so no compensation would be required to bring him to the club. He was initially linked to the EFC job prior to Martinez being offered it in 2013. Although Laudrup ruled himself out of the job back then I’m sure the lure of returning to the Premier League would certainly appeal to him now.

Another Manager who was linked to the club back in 2013 was Thomas Tuchel formerly of Mainz 05. A very forward thinking manager who’s football management has been referred to as ‘ground breaking’. Tuchel is a student of the game who didn’t have much of a playing career. He retired at 25 due to a chronic cartilage injury. He began his coaching career in 2000 as head coach of the Under 19’s of VfB Stuttgart. After five years he returned to his former club FC Augsburg, where he worked as youth team co-ordinator for three years. He was named as the new Head Coach of Mainz 05 on 3 August 2009, after the club was promoted to the Bundesliga. During his time at Mainz he finished 5th and 7th which included getting his team back into Europe this year. Tuchel’s focus in training is based around ‘rhomb-training’ with the pitch dimensions being cut to resemble a diamond-shape in order to cut out long-passes down the touchlines. The Mainz squad were accustomed to training in different shapes on pitch sizes varying from rhomb to circle. He calls it a “systematic approach” with his preferred formation on a match day mirroring – and countering – how the opposition line-up on the park. His philosophy is based on pressure on the ball. Something we have never done under Martinez. He gets his sides to play the ‘high block’ early on in games with players pushing up on teams and stopping them being able to bring the ball out and a ‘low block’ second half to soak up pressure to hit teams on the break. He is so tactically astute and forward thinking he is a must on any shortlist. Newcastle were sniffing around him in December so if we did want him we would have to act fast. He is unattached and currently without a club so he will no doubt have plenty of offers come the summer.

Staying in Germany and a manager who will be on plenty of shortlists will be Jurgen Klopp. A manager who comes with huge pedigree within the European game. Klopp’s managerial career also began at Mainz 05. Guiding them to Uefa Cup qualification in 2005/06. Unfortunately they were relegated in 2007 and although Klopp stayed to get them promoted, promotion wasn’t forthcoming and he was poached by Borussia Dortmund. His first two years at the club heralded 6th and 5th place finishes respectively, followed by back to back German Championships in 2010/11 and 2011/12. They also finished as losing finalist of the Champions League in 2013 losing to domestic rivals Bayern Munich. Klopp is a perfect fit for us and English football. He nurtures young talent and gives them opportunities, he plays attacking football and looks to stay at a club for a considerable amount of time. His teams are built around the ‘counter press’. Pressing the ball by swarming players in possession. Klopp favors a narrow and compact 4-2-3-1 formation which prefers to attack with a technical counter attack when the opposition is open and exposed. In defence, Dortmund attempts to limit the playing area that their opposition has to play through by playing a high defensive line, and compressing their wingers and fullbacks into central areas. Klopp has openly spoken out about his desire to manage in the Premier League one day so I think if we are looking to replace Martinez we should definitely ‘test the water’. He may be destined for a so called ‘top four job’ but we should show ambition and at least ask the question. As they say if you don’t ask…..

Staying on the continent but moving North West into Holland, Current Ajax manager Frank De Boer is a manager who is also a perfect candidate for the Everton job. As a player he was part of the Ajax side that lifted the Champions League in 1995. Brought up through the famous Ajax Youth Academy De Boer learnt the core principles involved in playing football through the TIPS system. Technique, Insight, Personality and Speed, the basis of the Ajax philosophy. He has since taken that philosophy into coaching. Having worked with the youth system from 2007-2010 he was then given the opportunity to manage the first team from 2010. Since then he has guided Ajax to four successive Eredivise titles and one Johan Cruyff Shield (Charity Shield). As with all Ajax managers they are expected to play 4-3-3. It’s embedded in their philosophy and De Boer is no different. Like Klopp and Tuchel he favours a high pressing game, attempting to win back the ball as early as possible as high up the pitch as possible. It is fair to say that de Boer’s philosophy is based on creating space and exploiting the space created. Another manager who has been linked to both Newcastle and Spurs in the last 12 months and one who would be in high demand if he became available. His name alone brings its own pedigree but what he’s achieved in Dutch football deserves an opportunity to manage in the Premier League. He has already been quoted as saying he won’t discuss his future until the summer. To me that’s code for come and get me once the season is over.

So there you have it a detailed list of potential candidates that I truly believe would be attracted to the opportunity of managing our beloved football club. I truly hope senor Martinez pulls his finger out pretty soon and remembers what it means to manage EFC. Failing that there are plenty of reputable candidates out there both at home and abroad.