Fat wallet deals twitter

Fat wallet deals twitter

Fat wallet deals twitter

We kick off one of the biggest shopping weeks of the year by helping you identify some of the best deals in shopping. Brent Shelton from FatWallet joins us to share some of the most exciting sales and quirkiest deals. Old school cameras? Star Wars? We also share some disturbing news about financial advisors and election results, plus another k problem.


We started Slickdeals, the largest online deal community, ask us anything! Hi Reddit! In , we had 3 employees. We actually just spent a bunch of time and effort releasing our new Black Friday Apps both Android and iOS and are busy spending days and nights cataloging deals But we wanted to take some time to give you guys the opportunity to ask us anything about the website, the company, the black friday madness, merchants, leaks, crazy couponers or even the technology stack behind Slickdeals.

Ask us anything! Thanks for all your questions! We had a lot of fun answering questions and hearing your comments and feedback. It s really humbling to hear how we ve impacted people s lives and saved them money. I only hope that we can continue to be worthy of your trust and your patronage! Please feel free to message me here on Reddit or on Slickdeals anytime you have comments or feedback!

I think of her as being a username that belongs to more than one user. Maybe to the slickdeals staff who have figured out some special channels for getting deals and possible program Selma to release them at specific times. Possibly releasing prearranged deals that retailers "leak" to slick deals ahead of time. Nope, we absolutely has nothing to do with her. If we did, we d want to post more useful and detailed information.

We actually reached out to her once to see if she wanted a tshirt.. Then we thought she was a merchant shill, but after inspecting her posts, she posts deals from all sorts of different people. We do know that she got deals from newsletters and merchant feeds though so she did have an edge up from mere "mortals".

We suspected this and even checked into this too, but could not make any determination as to whether or not this was true due to the fact that there was no pattern. I ve used SD for a long time and lately I stop going to the site because i ll spend needlessly but I just want to ask if the give aways are legit and who supplies the prizes? I ve always been a little sketched out by them.

We Slickdeals actually purchase the prizes ourselves and ship them to the winners. You can see a list of past winners and prizes here as proof! I won a Macbook Air around thanksgiving last year. Prize was shipped quickly too. Definitely legit. I also won some dumb Blu Ray discs of stars and fireplaces, but it was still cool winning. Speaking of which, I do have a question.

The gift card was sent directly to me by GiftCards. Is that not usually the case? I have not won anything since, however. I m guessing the postal office has lost all of the bribe money I sent to SD. I remember last year s cars give away. It seemed really sketchy because the winners were all SD very active users. Could be confirmation bias So people who weren t active may have won, and just didn t say anything.

We did an analysis one year after members accused us that only new users were winning funny how everyone thinks they re not winning , but it ended up being a pretty even split. Just the luck of the draw. I was one of the winners. Took the cash instead of the car. The taxes sucked but it was still awesome ;- I had about posts at the time. You might consider that to be "very active" but compared to some other people, I m not even close!

The "sponsoring merchant" when there is one is always listed directly above the contest, although you may have to click enter now to see the full page. Just wanted to say that the Deal Alerts feature is the best on the web. It s saved me thousands of dollars, and that s a conservative estimate. Outside of that, there s something called Slickdeals Live which is a real time feed of votes, posts and comments.

Fun fact: This feature took down our own website in the past when it first came out hah. We basically ddosed ourselves. It gets your name out there but also seems to cast it in a negative light. You d be surprised about the stories that we hear and the lengths that people would go through to get a deal. For example: This is a no no. However, when it comes to things like price mistakes and cancellations, I believe burden rests on the merchant to provide a good customer experience and ultimately it s their responsibility.

Should everyone expect to get anything out of it? They shouldn t try to circumvent the system or attack some poor customer service rep on the other end of the line either That being said, if its a legitimate offer or policy such as price matching a TV at Amazon we re all for it. We want to be able to post whatever deals we want. You d be surprised about how many merchants will send us a cease and desist because someone posted something like a Pizza Hut coupon that was "designed for the email channel" only.

It s the internet! Everyone s gonna share what they find. The second reason is we don t have the staff or resources. Cashback is a huge issue when it comes to tech, security, customer service etc, especially when you deal with people s money. Right now, we want to be at arms length. That isn t to say that we aren t always considering our options and doing research about the feasibility of doing something like cashback in the future. You use referral links for all or most deals posted on SD.

You still make money on those, right? We monetize where we can its actually an automated process , but cashback relies on a stronger merchant partnership. Also, I d think that SD would need to hire customer service representatives to deal with any potential cashback issues. I know for a fact that FatWallet receives dozens and dozens of e-mails on a daily basis from people who thought they should have earned cashback credits, but did not receive them.

This leads to the representatives doing research, contacting companies, and other tasks that would take a great deal of time. I just want to say thank you, I constantly tell people about your site and have bought countless items and saved tons of money. Any updates coming for the site? Also, it would be awesome if you posted on Twitter when deals hit the front page! What deal in the history of your site represented the biggest moderation nightmare, and alternatively, what deal do you feel like most people overlooked?

The mega touchpad firesale thread is probably the one that lasted the longest. Kohl s thread, Victoria Secret thread, Printable coupon thread before it had members actively monitoring it - lots of fraud potential there. Why were the posts removed? I remember this thread but didn t follow it that long to see the outcome One thing the Mods crack down is any sale. Lots of people were saying they had one and were willing to sell it. What do you use for your website framework?

Do you use anything for real-time profiling? As of late, we have been using New Relic monitoring for a lot of the realtime and lower level monitoring, as well as a lot of post-mortem tools Cacti, NagiOS to tell us when things go bad. Looking back and forward for the TODO list we d love to make our architecture even more decoupled, be more diligent about code, reviews, testing, etc from the get go, as well as really attacking some of the skeletons in the closet we continue to encounter with the forum platform every day.

If we did it all over again A lot of vbulletin s code is "legacy" and not object-oriented. However, I think PHP has been a pretty good and robust language for us. A lot of the work in recent years for our infrastructure has been around databases and data as well as performance tuning. Hi I am the tech guy behind hotukdeals, the biggest deal site in the UK and mydealz the biggest deal site in Germany. We have actually moved away from vbulletin as it gives us a lot more flexibility to make the community what we envision it should be, instead of constantly fighting and compromising because of limitations of vb code.

We moved away I think 4 years ago and I have to say it was probably the best decision I ve made as a Dev even though I was green at the time and there were a lot of initial issues. Scaling actually became much easier after the switch, and I sleep much easier now feeling confident the site will stay up if there is a morning rush.

In conversations about new features the word vbulletin never come up as well. How big are you guys in terms of traffic? Most of our issues didnt come until we hit the much larger traffic spikes. Nice to meet you too! We have some nice caching that mitigates spikes, since most spikes are from users who are not logged in, we can cache more aggressively and still keep a very nice and dynamic experience for members who are contributing to the site.

Black Friday FatWallet releases its Top 25 deals

Some folks will shed a quiet tear today with the apparent announcement that FatWallet is going away. Years ago, many of my mileage junkie friends used FatWallet for valuable rebates. FatWallet is mostly a deal site now. Now it seems the shutdown of Fatwallet is imminent. Deal junkies move on, always in search of the next deal. But, FatWallet will hold a special place in the hearts of some of my fellow deal junkies.

Consumers are attracted to FatWallet.

The National Retail Federation s shop. Like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth, it stuck. Today online retailers and deal websites look to Cyber Monday as the single most important day of the year to drive sales. That is good news for shoppers. It s also a bit overwhelming.

Black Friday Deals with Brent Shelton from FatWallet

The holiday shopping season is revving up, which means it s time to search for some bargains so you don t go broke buying gifts for the people on your list. There are dozens of deal sites out there, but not all of them are useful when it s time to actually find discounts on things you actually want to buy. We asked you which sites you used, and this week we re taking a look at the top five, based on your nominations. Earlier in the week we asked you which deal sites you used to save money. You offered up plenty of options, and we tallied up your votes, but sadly we only have room for the top five. The poll is closed and the votes are counted! To see which of your favorite deal sites took the top spot, head over to our hive five followup post to see and discuss the winner!

Deal site FatWallet will be shutting down

We started Slickdeals, the largest online deal community, ask us anything! Hi Reddit! In , we had 3 employees. We actually just spent a bunch of time and effort releasing our new Black Friday Apps both Android and iOS and are busy spending days and nights cataloging deals But we wanted to take some time to give you guys the opportunity to ask us anything about the website, the company, the black friday madness, merchants, leaks, crazy couponers or even the technology stack behind Slickdeals. Ask us anything! Thanks for all your questions! We had a lot of fun answering questions and hearing your comments and feedback.

12 Secrets to Shopping at Home Depot

Every tool under the sun, building materials, flooring, roofing, lighting, appliances, lawn and garden supplies—all in one cavernous warehouse. Here are 12 ways to get more value out of your next visit to Home Depot. Have a look:. Case in point: Recently, I was in the market for a few plants, some seed and mulch for the yard. This happened to be the online deal of the day. Lighting is a big selling area at Home Depot, so bounce over to that aisle.

How To Maximize Your Cyber Monday Deals

So many deals. So little time to find them all. What if there was an easier way? What if those deals were compiled on one site? What if you got money back for your purchases? It is an online resource that will save you money! Fat Wallet makes it easy to find the deals you are looking for.

FatWallet.com Review

Couponing is one of the best ways to save lots of money in a short space of time. Most avid couponers look to experts and gurus to do it for them, and Twitter is a great place to look to find them. Sometimes TrueCouponing also frequently posts freebies. The Krazy Coupon Lady is all about being able to help normal people live like rich people. Many of the deals presented on this Twitter account are geared towards buying premium brands at a fraction of the price. Krazy Coupon Lady posts every single day with brand new deals. Coupon with Toni is a popular YouTube Channel that has come to prominence for showing people how to coupon. Paine is a New York Times best-selling author and she has unveiled her Twitter feed to help ordinary people save money on everyday goods. This Twitter handle has existed since and she has become one of the veterans of couponing. As well as ordinary goods, there are big savings to be made on big-ticket items from sites like Amazon.

Users can search out savings for products ranging from software to sandwich meats.

Black Friday Deals with Brent Shelton from FatWallet

Sign up for a Slickdeals account to remove this ad. First Unread. Forum Thread. Deal site FatWallet will be shutting down. Hello, All. I hope you are doing well. Deal site FatWallet FW will soon be shutting down. I had written a thread then, but decided not to post it until the news became official. Please feel free to share your thoughts regarding this news. I actually had an SD account that is years older than that, but I can no longer remember it. Both FW and SD have been major parts of my life.

Forget about Kutcher and Anderson Cooper. Twitter is now a source for saving big in characters or less. Users share tips about sales and bargains and get the latest deals from airlines, car dealers, retailers, restaurants, manufacturers and other businesses. You ll often need to act fast, though. Twitter deals typically last a day or so - long enough for word to spread but not so long that the company can t serve all takers. These five tips will help you use Twitter to save a bundle:. Web 2. Dell Computers tweeted that it was selling PCs for 15 percent off. JetBlue s general Twitter account , for all its deals, has more than 1 million followers. Auto dealers increasingly tweet their latest rebates and low-rate financing offers.

Even without an official account though, there is still a seemingly endless amount of deals advertised on Twitter every day from other users. You just need to know where to look. Photo Credit: CheapTweet, the official Twitter account of CheapTweet. Be sure to follow this account in the lead up to Black Friday Nov. Follow CheapTweet. This account, which is run by the site HeyItsFree. The deals range in quality from a free tube of Maine Toothpaste to a free subscription to Forbes Magazine, and of course the account writes about a fair amount of free food giveaways from chains like Baskin Robbins and Taco Bell. Follow HeyItsFree. RetailMeNot was on our list of the best sites for coupon lovers and the Twitter account is also a great tool for those looking to save. The account is updated regularly with coupon codes for places like Old Navy and Kohls, as well as with news about free samples, free shipping and free everything else.

VIDEO ON THEME: How To Get Cash Back Through Fat Wallet! - Resale Renegade
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