Coupons snip snap

Coupons snip snap

Coupons snip snap

If you never remember to bring the coupons when you go shopping, SnipSnap is a cross-platform app that digitizes and organizes them on your smartphone. Everyone loves saving money, but few have the time or the patience to cut out and organize a bunch of coupons. With SnipSnap, you just open the app, use your camera to scan the coupon, and SnipSnap s OCR will convert the barcode on the coupon photo into a sharp digital barcode that you can scan at the register. The app also collects and organizes all of the coupons that every other SnipSnap user has added, and lets you download them to your phone. In the settings screen, you can even enable background location awareness so the app can remind you when you re near a store you have coupons for, or you can just choose to be notified when one is about to expire.

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In a reflection of the growing role that image recognition technology is playing in mobile shopping, visual product search company Slyce Inc. Following the acquisition, which is expected to close on or around Feb. Mobile shopping utility SnipSnap boasts more than 4 million mobile users who have employed its iOS and Android apps to scan and interpret more than million print coupons. Doing so transforms coupons into an easily searchable and redeemable digital format that can be shared with others.

According to the company, it saw an average of 20 percent month on month revenue growth for the last six months of Looking ahead, SnipSnap is looking to expand its offering to support loyalty coupons and social media campaigns. Mann said. People are still making that transition to using mobile coupons and figuring out what the best user experience is.

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Forget Those Scraps Of Paper, SnipSnap Lets You Save And Share Coupons From Your iPhone

There was a time when I would watch shows like Extreme Couponing with a sense of morbid amusement — there was clearly plenty of money to be saved by clipping bits of dead plant matter out of a newspaper, but the process of keeping track of or remembering them when I go to the store has always stymied me. That may no longer be the case, if Ted Mann and his Philadelphia-based team have anything to say about it. The idea for SnipSnap came to be after co-founder and father of two Ted Mann found himself at the store buying diapers at full price after realizing he left his much-needed coupons at home. Unlike some other competitors in the mobile coupon space, SnipSnap relies mostly on users to clip the coupons they find interesting and share them with others. On top of that SnipSnap also lets you know when individual coupons are close to expiring, so you can plan your next shopping trip s accordingly. The company is also looking at partnerships with major retailers, and Mann noted onstage that they just recently linked up with Aeropostale.

SnipSnap, launched in , is coupon startup solving the problem of people forgetting their paper coupons at home.

We are committed to researching, testing, and recommending the best products. We may receive commissions from purchases made after visiting links within our content. Learn more about our review process. If you want to save money when shopping, coupon apps are a great way to efficiently and effectively save money on a wide range of purchases. Instead, put coupons into your regular budgeting process to save on purchases you would make anyway.

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I found this app while looking for new and different ways to earn cash online. Even the name of this one makes it a bit obvious that it is a coupon app—but that is not necessarily a bad thing. But will SnipSnap fall under this category, or leave us wanting? This one has a 4. The only way to know for sure about an app is to try it. One of the best things about using online apps to earn extra money is that they are available anytime.

Startup Insider: How Ted Mann Turned SnipSnap Into One of the Largest Mobile Couponing Apps

As part of our continued effort to help our clients find financial security, we wanted to expand our initial review of SnipSnap which can be found on our Top 20 Money Saving Apps and go into a little bit more detail for you so that you can better decide if the Snip Snap App is right for you! Which is why the SnipSnap App has become so popular. Ted Mann is the founder of SnipSnap. He started the company in Keep all your coupons in one place rather than having coupons — even digital ones — scattered around. I had a coupon for that! SnipSnap sends you a notification every time your coupons are near their expiration date. That way you can use them before they go wasted. This is a great feature that can help you make the most of your coupons, and thus save a lot of money that you would have otherwise missed out on.

SnipSnap App Review… Will it Save you Money?

Love shopping? Hold on. The main features of the app include in-store reminders which will show all the coupons for the store you are entering, importing coupons from magazines and newspapers and storing it, alerts about the expiration date of the coupon, share the coupons on social networking sites. It shows the coupon codes and coupons for department stores, retailers, grocery stores, drugstores, restaurants and local shops. It can also be used to avail the In-store and pass book offers in the store where you go. The app is very simple but really helps to save a lot of money. The app is very handy as one need not take print out of the coupons while billing as the cashier can just it directly from your phone.

*BEWARE* Coupon Fruad with the Snip Snap App

Startup Insider is a series of articles with the goal of helping aspiring founders and entrepreneurs understand the ins and outs of starting a startup. I recently got the chance to interview multiple startup companies that have gone through the Dreamit Ventures Accelerator program. You can sign up to stay up to date with this series here. The second company I got a chance to interview through this feature series collaboration with Dreamit Ventures was SnipSnap. SnipSnap is a startup that allows anyone to convert a printed coupon into a digital, mobile format, which they can easily search and retrieve on their smartphone. SnipSnap was started by Ted Mann who wanted to solve his own problem of being a terrible couponer. What was the inspiration behind SnipSnap? The inspiration for SnipSnap was driven by a problem that I had. I was a terrible couponer and I would always get yelled at by my wife for always forgetting coupons.

Slyce Snatches Coupon App SnipSnap for $ Million

Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Releases. Add to Wishlist. Toss out the scissors and let your Android camera do the clipping. Simply snap a picture of any printed offer, and SnipSnap magically converts all the text, images and barcodes into a mobile-optimized offer, which you can redeem off your screen. Gather up all the coupons you have lying around. Whether they re from the Sunday paper, the mail, or just ones you found buried in your purse or couch, SnipSnap will mobilize them in a matter of minutes. When you get to a store, pull up the coupon barcode, promo code, or photograph and present to the cashier to redeem. Don t have any coupons handy to scan?

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Save Money And Time With This Brilliant Coupon App

You may have heard of SnipSnap. Never forget your coupons at home again. With the SnipSnap app, instead of carrying your coupons with you, you can take photographs of your coupons. SnipSnap converts your photos into clear, scannable bar codes. And, once coupons are loaded into SnipSnap, you can view, share or use any coupons that anyone else has loaded as well. First, most store and manufacturer coupons have a non-transferability clause that voids the coupon if it is copied or transferred. SnipSnap does both. They see this. A clean-looking barcode with nothing to identify that it might be less than legitimate. But if you download the app, your barcodes are perfectly clear. But unsuspecting cashiers may scan the app, believing the offers were authorized by the store. SnipSnap maintains that they intend their app to be used on store coupons, not manufacturer coupons. It took me less than two minutes to locate a manufacturer coupon on the app. We know that it is unethical, wrong, and fraudulent to make and use photocopies of coupons. It makes a digital copy of a coupon, cleans up the bar code, and presents it in a legitimate-looking format for scanning on a smartphone.

SnipSnap is a mobile coupon app founded in Philadelphia that allows users to take a photograph of a printed coupon in order to find or create a mobile coupon, which can be redeemed in store. The app scans the text, images, logos, and barcodes within the coupon photograph in order to parse out all of the structured coupon content dynamically. The app uses some of this information to power features such as expiration-date reminders, location-based notifications utilizing the store name, as well as the location of the phone , and scanable barcodes. SnipSnap is a mobile coupon application that allows users to take a photograph of a printed coupon in order to find or create a mobile coupon, which can later be redeemed at the register. The app scans the images, logos, and barcodes of the original coupon in order to recreate a mobile coupon, similar to what consumers would find printed in a store advertisement. SnipSnap also allows users to report if a coupon was accepted in store or not, which creates a success score rating for each stored coupon on the app. The vast majority of the coupons are shared by SnipSnap users.

How many people still clip coupons from the newspaper? And if you do manage to find the time to sit down and review weekly coupon offerings, do you then remember to take them to the store when shopping? Clipping coupons has almost become an antiquated way of doing things amid the rise of online shopping, the disappearance of so many newspapers, and, of course, our ever-busier lives. Few people leave home anymore without a cellphone, which means your coupons, or discounts, are always handy. SnipSnap works in several ways. Its primary claim to fame and the basis for its name is allowing users to snap pictures of printed coupons. SnipSnap recognizes all the text and images on printed coupons and turns them into mobile-ready offers that can be shown to a store cashier. No time to snap pictures of coupons? This app also lets you search its database of coupons, as well as search offers from various retailers. A particularly cool feature of SnipSnap is that users also share the coupons they scan. So you can search, and use, the coupons posted by fellow shoppers. SnipSnap will also send notifications when your scanned coupons are about to expire, as well as location-based reminders when you arrive at a store for which you have saved coupons. So you will have little excuse not to use coupons on future shopping trips. Jeremy McGinty, a tech advisor who created the website iosetc. It works mostly with retailers and restaurants.

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