Coupon tracking spreadsheet

Coupon tracking spreadsheet

Coupon tracking spreadsheet

See it in action in the video below. The cost? Paypal is doing the same. I m not trying to scare you, but audits to happen occasionally, and you don t want to have messy financials if it happens. So start tracking your sales and inventory NOW If for any reason the founder Vickie doesn t honor a refund to you I know she will , I will refund you from my own pocket, personally.


My wife and I started to coupon a little over a year ago. One problem we ran into as we got more serious about couponing is the fact that the more coupons you have the harder it is to manage and organize them. Obviously everyone wants to save the most money with as little time or effort as possible. Our solution was creating a database so we could easily sort through the coupons we have and discard those that have gone out of date.

Entering the coupons goes relatively quickly once you get the hang of it. The following data needs to be populated for each coupon:. Once this data is entered, the envelope location column will automatically populate. This has to do with how the physical coupons are sorted. Below is an example of the database once populated click image for full-size image:. Step Three: Once you enter all the coupons, sort them in envelopes that have expiration dates spanning a given week. This will bring up all the coupons you have for cheese, including the details of the coupon.

As you may know, some stores let you use both a manufacturer and store coupon on products. Target is one of those stores. If you filter on Purina for brand, you can see there is a manufacturer and Target coupon. Unfortunately in the below case these coupons are for separate products. Obviously the biggest advantage of this database system is being able to filter the data and find specific coupons quickly and efficiently that you are going to use on your next shopping trip.

Final Step: While this may require some manual sifting through coupons, the number you have to search through is greatly reduced from splitting them up into one-week expiration periods. On August 12th you can simply trash all the coupons in this envelope and delete them from your database. I hope this strategy of organizing coupons with a database in Excel saves you a ton of time and money!

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Great tips, it looks like to are a bit of an excel whiz DC. I often have to ask my wife for help in excel as I almost never use it other than for making graphs. These are some great tips DC! The excel geek in me would love doing something like this, though I fear my wife would not have the same joy in doing it. Kind of makes my coupons is a dirty old envelope look pretty sad. I wish I was more organized in that respect.

I currently have my coupons in a plastic baggie in my purse. Not too organized! Excellent job DC!! I downloaded it. I can just imagine how long it took for you to initially put it together. And Congrats on saving so much money on your groceries and such. Target just opened in our city a few months ago. If we are guessing who you new writer is, I have my guess…: Yes my new writer is someone who quite a few will be familiar with: I mostly use them for beauty products because I find that most coupons are for things I never buy.

Thankfully we have found coupons for MOST things we buy, of course there are always some things where coupons are rarer, such as fresh produce. We get that at a discount at Aldi. Just kidding, I actually rarely used them before getting married. Now we are pretty hardcore about it since we are looking to cut our expenses as much as we can. The nerd in me is incredibly impressed by your excel spreadsheet and the amount of money you saved! I am hit or mess with using physical coupons.

Really good when I purchase online to do a quick search for free shipping code or discount code. Maybe this will help! There are whole websites dedicated to finding online coupon codes! We are pretty hardcore about saving money with coupons since we are paying down student loans, saving money, etc. Usually try to cut out all the coupons from the inserts on the weekend plus print out some from Target. Pretty easy to get a ton quick. We just go through the binder once a month and discard expired coupons.

How long does it take you each week to enter all your coupons? Peanut Butter or Bread helps us make sure we never pay full price for anything. Like TheHeavPurse I am so impressed! Ahh, I love excel. Good system: This is exactly what I was looking for. I added a few other columns to modify it to the coupon organization me and my bff use.

I also appreciate you dropping a note. I always appreciate people letting me know that they found the spreadsheet useful — it motivates me to continue to update it and make it better. Thanks much for sharing this database! I purchase the Sunday paper for coupon inserts and was just putting them in a folder by month and then would have to go thru the inserts every time I went shopping!

I use Ibotta and various other savings apps and have added that column to the spreadsheet to show even more savings. This past week, it took me almost two hours to go thru the savings apps and matching coupons — this database is going to cut my time in half if not more! Again, thanks much, you have made couponing a breeze! Thanks Gina! Contact us and let us know what you think. This Just In Here s how credit card rewards can help you achieve your travel goals.

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The truth is we rarely just go with a pile of coupons and chance it. We feel that much of our success is due to planning and organization. We have always used an excel spreadsheet to list and calculate out the savings. The trick for us is to detail our trip on our shopping list spreadsheet and stick to it. As we walk into the store with our coupons and shopping list, we usually know how much we should be spending at the register.

For those of you that read my post on How Wizard Michele Organizes Her Coupons , this article breaks down my spreadsheet a little more in depth for you.

When you get a loan , some lenders provide a loan coupon book to help you make payments and keep track of your loan. In most cases, you are not required to use that book — but confirm or test with your lender before you make payments without it. For most loans, the important thing is to make sure that the payments get to the right place on time. If you like the book, keep using it. For years those booklets have been handy as a reminder, plus they tell you when payments are due, how much to pay, and where the check needs to be mailed.

FREE Shopping List Spreadsheet ~ Plan couponing trips in advance

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How to Use a Coupon Savings Calculator or a coupon calculator spreadsheet. We have talked about saving money when it comes to groceries and money-saving apps, but have you tried a coupon savings calculator to step up the saving games? Your grocery budget is the one where you have more control of when it comes to your finances. Each month Americans spend hundreds of dollars each month on food alone. This is why I always write about saving and helping the cost of your food budget down because it is one of the biggest expenses in our budget! If you want to save even more with your coupons, you should consider learning how to use a coupon savings calculator. This is basically a tool to help you determine how much you will save when you use coupons, help you keep track of your savings, and also help you calculate cash-back coupons. They are a must-have for extreme couponers, but anyone who really wants to get the most savings from their coupons should consider it.

Free Grocery Savings Calculator from LRWC

If you have a small business, gift certificates or promotional coupons can be useful marketing tools. If you are looking for a Gift Certificate Template , you might not realize that you also need a way to record issued gift certificates and track when they are redeemed. In addition to the various free gift certificate templates that we offer below, you can download the Excel spreadsheet which contains a Gift Certificate Tracking Log. Company Use Applies to all the printable gift certificate templates on this page. Download for Word.

This saves me over $/month in Accountant fees

There s no doubt that folks who have experience with Microsoft s Excel spreadsheeting program know that it s extremely helpful tool for managing your finances. Building your own custom spreadsheets is very easy, and although Excel s price may seem a bit steep, once you ve learned how to make it do what you want, there s really no limit to its number-crunching, chart-building, and record-keeping abilities. Especially if you have a or later version. I consider it to be a fabulous financial tool , and just a "Can t live without it! But what you re here for, most likely, are the spreadsheets. What follows are custom, downloadable Excel spreadsheets which I created for all sorts of things. A given spreadsheet might be designed for daily, weekly, or monthly use You ll find spreadsheets that can help you with household budgeting I used to call em "spending plans" , planning for future expenses, amortizing loans of various types, and tracking your debt loads. Some of these spreadsheets I use myself; others I created simply because someone, somewhere asked for them.

Then the program does the rest. You can enter in your monthly budget on each page and it will tell you how much you have left to spend. I love it!!! The Coupon Savings Tracker Spreadsheet does all the work for you! My amazingly wonderful accountant husband has once again updated and perfected the spreadsheet for this edition just for you my dear readers. We know how much you have all enjoyed the previous years of his savings spreadsheets, and this year has some amazing features. I have prepared a few video tutorials this year to help you understand how to get your Savings Tracker all set up. Trust me, this will help you figure it all out.

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You can use it to track how much you save in It will automatically compute your total savings! All you do is fill in the blanks! I just checked it out and it looks awesome. Just keep all of your receipts and enter in your numbers. Simple as that. So read those and your question will probably be answered! Thanks Krista! Grocery Alerts Canada June 7, , 9: I have created a coupon tracker that allows people to record all their coupon savings. They can track how much they save annually using coupons and post it to their Facebook wall or website.

Companies use coupons for more than selling more of a particular item at a specific point in time. Most also use coupons as ways to generate sales leads, develop marketing strategies and learn more about who is purchasing their products and what inspires them to do so. Because of that, most coupons come imprinted with codes designed to answer any questions a business might have about the nature and success of its redemption program. The cheapest and easiest option for tracking coupons is to do it manually. A restaurant that does a regular direct mail advertisement might have a new offer each month, collect the coupons redeemed in an envelope and file them away. Many businesses are therefore turning to more robust systems to get more leverage out of their coupon redemption programs. Companies can use coupon redemption tracking tools to instantly see the data on its coupon redemption and examine it for trends.

The most successful ones track their promotions so they "know" which ones work and which don t. Tracking the success or failure of your promotions can help you to maximize your marketing dollars and prevent throwing your hard-earned cash down the drain by identifying the rate of return on your marketing investments. The Marketing Promotion Tracking Template gives operators a tool to track the cost and response rate of individual marketing promotions. Promotion Budget - Easy to use drop down lists for marketing expenses and vendors make budget preparation quick and simple. Zip Code Response - You can define up to 6 different zip codes for tracking the areas that give you your best responses. Redemption Items - User-defined redemption items such as gift certificates or coupons can be set up to track the cost for each discount. Cost of Sales Tracking - The average cost of sales for each discount is applied to your other promotion costs to give you a true cost of the promotion. Most Popular Redemption Day - Entering the responses for each day provides the data needed to track which day of the week promotion items are being redeemed the most. Profit Tracking - As you record your ongoing expenses and responses, the profit of the promotion is automatically recalculated. ROI - The P-T-D Summary includes a Return on Investment calculation that compares the cost of the promotion to the gross profit of the associated sales incurred as a result of the response to the promotion. Drop-down Lists - The Drop Down List feature eliminates the need for typing repetitive data when preparing a new promotion. Use the one-time set-up worksheet to define your own unique drop-down lists for Expenses, Vendors, Redemptions and Zip Codes Step-by-Step Instructions - Get started right away by using the step by step instructions for setting up and using the Marketing Promotion Tracking Template. You must have a compatible program installed on your computer to use them.

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