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Tetris 99 might be the best battle royale yet

Still need answers? Ask the community. Do not submit vague titles or generalized posts. Posts with titles that do not describe their content may be removed. Don't post spam. Follow reddit rules about self promotion. TV - Vue - Share Play. Legacy Platforms: Tetris Tip - Progressive Speed self. When playing effects mode, the goal is to clear lines.

Every ten lines increases the speed level by one. Before the game, you have the option to increase the starting speed. I get frantic once the speed hits about 11, so increasing the starting speed seemed wild to me. I decided to increase my starting speed to 10, just to see how crazy things would get for me. Turns out, I made a discovery during this process: However, I completely fall apart at speed I think the most lines I ever got was I don't even know how I'll ever get to 11, let alone sustaining my "groove" for lines.

D I think I'm hopeless. Have you tried the mystery mode? I got an upside down flip and a giant square block at the same time at level 10 speed Like taking a piss big ;. That upside-down flip is the nastiest thing ever. I didn't even SEE that the mystery mode was unlocked until late Sunday night. I had no idea!

I didn't ever scan down to the bottom, I thought everything was locked. Something about the music and lights and the gameplay loop is just sooooo relaxing. It allows you to play the whole game all levels on speed 1 and if you end up fucking up instead of the game finishing all the blocks fall apart and you start from scratch but with all your lines cleared. No challenge you think right?

And you are right but what it offers is lots of time to practice lining up blocks and developing proficiency in a way you would never get playing for real. I did 5 runs like this trying my best to stack them up as far as I could then clear as many as I could in a row. Then I tried the 3rd stage on expert and cleared it much easier then before and beat my top score by a huge margin. Absolutely, I don't know how this works exactly but as the speed increases a line clear is worth more.

I'd like to know this too - I always considered myself quite good at tetris but apparently not. The best score I've had on beginner - journey mode is around the 55' mark - I did this by completing the 3 levels in about 7 or 8 minutes and built up the board so in most not all instances I would score a tetris. Then I triggered the zone at as soon as it was available and managed to clear between 6 and 9 lines each time.

Yet I still see people with triple the score I thought I was doing well! The answer is yes. While playing at starting speed 10, I set a new high score for myself, despite only clearing 86 lines, compared to my previous high score with more lines cleared ish. This just worked for me too. Started on 5 and got broke my old high score record though I didn't even break above lines.

Highest before was I think. This game is very tolerant in that regard. Lvl 10 is easy for me, but thats because I had tetris on everything I had with a screen on it since i met video games. Good old times with my DS durring history classes: Many road trips were spent with a link cable between us. Do you get more points for this? I'm so unclear on what gains the most points..

How are these kids getting such crazy scores on the leaderboards?! Is it just a combination of getting Tetris' and lasting a really long time? Yes it gives more points, there's a hidden multiplier for speed but I don't know if it's as simple as "at 5 speed you gain 5x more points". In any case if someone is so good he can keep hitting four line clears at speed 15 the score would be insane.

I just start at 15 cause it's worth more points. Last night I was streaming marathon endless. It felt like I could go on forever. Over 3 mil and over a hour. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. PSVR comments. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Even back in the day. I just LOVE talking about video games! I'm seeing unfathomable scores. I guess I just don't have lightning reflexes Thank god they got master mode on this version. And mystery might be my favorite thing to come to tetris.

And just when you get use to it it flips back over.

Tetris 99 hides the way it works - and that's brilliant

It was perfection and, sadly, could only go downhill from there, as the inimitable videogamedunkey explains in this delightful video above. Read the rest. It's hateful Tetris. Background, hints, and links to others' prior work here. In this video [via Kottke ], John Green explains why competitive players are suddenly getting much better at Tetris despite the number of players being much smaller than in its heydey:

For over 30 years, Tetris has remained a household name, solidifying its status as an iconic symbol.

Did you know that if you're playing Tetris 99 handheld, you can target anyone using the Nintendo Switch touchscreen? I didn't. Did you know Attackers mode is the only way to send junk to more than one player at once? Did you know the amount of delay before an attack's junk fills your screen shortens the longer the game goes on? Believe it or not, people are trying to work out how Tetris 99 works. That's right - people are puzzled by a Tetris game in

TETRA’s Escape delivers a cheap new take on Tetris – and it is available on Xbox One now

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FREE Tetris 99 Nintendo Switch

I like to think I'm pretty nifty at Tetris I've won twice now, which is two more than all my previous victories in all other battle royale games put together. The tweet below shows the endgame of a Tetris 99 match that culminates with one hell of a high-level standoff. What you're seeing here is Japanese Tetris legend Amemiya end up in a 1v1 with fellow amazing Japanese Tetris player Mattyan, viewed from the perspective of Amemiya. In the early stages of the video we see Amemiya focus on creating standard Tetris opportunities as quickly as possible as he faces constant pressure from Mattyan. We then see Amemiya attempt to create a situation where he combos line clears, thus sending bonus lines to his opponent. When that doesn't deal with Mattyan, we see Amemiya level up his play even further, creating T-spins at breakneck speed. This is superb stuff - T-spins send bonus lines to your opponent, so they're a great way of putting out a lot of pressure - but they're really hard to master. It's worth remembering that the longer a game goes on, the shorter time it takes for junk to fill your screen following an incoming alert. And of course, the longer the game goes on, the faster the blocks fall from the top of the screen.


Acting as a platformer of sorts, you will be taking on the challenge of traversing 64 levels of increasing difficulty by shape-shifting Tetras into the Tetrominos that we are all familiar with, in order to save the Tetras and bring them home. Reflecting shapes, undoing moves and of course transforming into a different shape will be key when forming bridges across platforms and progressing through each level. In some areas, using a number of the flat Tetrominos may be a good idea to reach a certain area, but forming a set of stairs in order to obtain access to an area up above may be needed at some points, for example. As you can imagine, trial and error will be brought out in abundance when tackling the trickier levels, and being able to undo moves will no doubt come in useful. And besides — Tetris was never going to win awards for ambition, but that never stopped it!

Tetris 99 Will Get New Modes In Upcoming Update

The latest entry in the iconic series blends music and visuals for one trippy experience. Tetris takes the crown as being the best-selling game of all-time, so it's no surprise that developers continually build upon its iconic formula. The newest game in the classic franchise, Tetris Effect, is set to offer new ways to play and over 30 stages. Let's cross our fingers that this doesn't end up like Ubisoft's botched attempt at a Tetris game with Tetris Ultimate in Who's developing it this time? The Tetris brand has been tossed between countless developers over the years and this time it Its elegant simplicity has made it an enduring success, but with Tetris Effect, Monstars Inc.

Tetris Friends

Do I really, honestly, truthfully, hand on heart believe that Tetris 99, a free-to-play spin on an age-old classic that stealth dropped on Nintendo Switch last week, is the measure of established behemoths such as Fortnite and PUBG as well as the hyper-polished, brilliantly playable current darling Apex Legends? Well yes, I do - partly because I'm still in that honeymoon period, partly because, well, it's Tetris. And it's just as smart and exciting a spin on that beloved formula as last year's Tetris Effect. Mostly, though, I love it for the sheer audacity of it all. Tetris 99 is like a joke someone made on Twitter - I'm not even sure it's a joke that banged all that much, and probably didn't get more than half-a-dozen likes - that Nintendo and developer Arika then ran with and made absolutely shine. Arika knows its stuff when it comes to tetrominoes, of course, having crafted hard-edged classics such as The Grand Master series for arcade revered as some of the best Tetris games out there according to the scholar and expert John Linneman of Digital Foundry - and that expertise shines throughout Tetris So yes, it's just Tetris, but it's supplemented thoughtfully. The mechanics beneath the fundamentals are a little arcane, though I personally find that thrilling as specifics are slowly picked apart.

Here is another Battle Royal format of a game called Tetris 99, for free and only for Nintendo Switch!

With the Switch, Nintendo has made massive strides in catching up with the competition, even if it is still lacking in some areas. The biggest spanner in the works this time around was undoubtedly the fact that Nintendo chose to launch its newest console with free online functionality, before putting said features behind a paywall 18 months later. A subscription charge that drastically undercuts its peers and an ever expanding library of classic NES games are serving to sweeten the deal somewhat. However, the additional promise of exclusive Switch freebies for anyone paying for Nintendo Switch Online had remained unfulfilled… until recently. That debut free game is Tetris 99 , and boy, is it a doozy. It sports a minimalist presentation, giving players a clear, uncluttered view of the tetriminos plummeting into the well. There are no ridiculous new shapes, no superfluous modes, no licenced characters in an attempt to pry the masses of their cash. Tetris 99 is just Tetris , but with one slight alteration Now, multiplayer Tetris is nothing new, but traditionally this mode has been restricted to two, three or four players. Your own well will always be your main focal point, taking up the majority of the screen, but the wells of every other player in the match are also visible, 49 to the left and 49 to the right. The battle royale aspect comes via giving the player control over which opponents they wish to target, and Tetris 99 offers multiple options when it comes to bringing the pain.

Tetris is 1 of the most well-liked video clip video games stemming back. Just post your ideas to this page and if they are good, we will put. Tetris was a puzzle game made in originally for the computer by. Best alternative sites to Krastoslovicibg. Bingo Bash - android. You can find all of our pose-specific and practice video freebies on our YouTube channel.

Tetris 99 will get new modes in an upcoming update according to data miners. OatmealDome was able to learn about the different game modes from the code of the game. He described the different game modes as follows:. He also mentioned that the marathon mode on Tetris 99 will support in-game achievements. The standard Tetris 99 Battle mode will have in-game events and rewards will be given out. Like what we have seen in battle royale games. We do not know what these rewards will be but we will find out soon enough, so stay tuned for more news and information regarding the matter. This is a battle royale game where you have to compete with 99 other players and the player surviving till the end wins. People that have been playing the game have left great reviews. Your email address will not be published. News Previews Reviews Guides Hardware. He described the different game modes as follows:

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