Php coupon code validation . Coupon Code: . Coupon Code:

Php coupon code validation

Php coupon code validation

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Php coupon code validate jobs

These subscriptions are through Stripe and we added an input field for coupon codes. However, we are struggling to figure out a way to change the price on the Stripe popover to reflect a correct coupon submission or to display an error message for an incorrect submission. The user enters the coupon code and we post this coupon code while creating the monthly or yearly subscription. But, we have not validated the coupon code when the user enters it into the coupon code field.

If coupon code is not correct, we want to display error message to the user. We have done all the code. But we are not getting how to add ajax call to execute the stripe coupon validation code. Any help with how we can add ajax call to validate the coupon code is greatly appreciated. Has anyone had success getting Stripe coupons to change the price in the Stripe popover form?

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Paypal Coupon Code in PHP using PDO

I have been learning IT on line and at the same time developing an e-commerce website. I am stack at doing the sign up and login modal with ajax php and mysql. The modal should validate the form on both the client side and server side before posting the results and thereafter display a success message on sign up. For a website,i want to make a voice enabled chatbot. We modified MegaSync source code 2 years ago and it was working fine but now there is a problem and we need someone to fix it Please read attachment before you bid Dead line is 3 days Thank you. Please Sign Up or Login to see details.

These subscriptions are through Stripe and we added an input field for coupon codes.

By xiconsulting2 , July 15, in Developer Corner. I tried to enter this in tips and tricks, but I guess it would have to be moved if deemed helpful. A while back I had looked for something to do an external check on the promo code database in order to integrate it with an external API based form, and did not really have any luck. So, this code I am posting does work - but do keep in mind the comments, code structure, and everything does work, but is not optimized fully - the actual version we converted to an API function and integrated with XAJAX and JQuery on the front end. Anyway, I figured that if I needed to find something like this and it was not available, that I would provide my previous script since I am sure someone else has looked for it before. I would release the XAJAX API version, but I am unable to publicly release it not because it was very difficult, but because my client agreement does not allow me to release any code that is actually in use.

PHP library to generate and validate coupon code strings.

Free v1. I'm using Opencart 1. Users browsing this forum: OSWorX , sagraphics and 51 guests. Coupon Character Length.

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Pre Validate Stripe Coupon Before Checkout

Email Address: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. PHP library to generate and validate coupon code strings. CouponCode[0] by Grant McLean. The code is distributed under the terms of the BSD 3-clause License. Installation The preferred installation method is via composer. You can add the library as a dependency via: Related Posts: Random token generator with custom length.


Products ChronoForms. Buy Now Sign in. You are here: Share this topic. Viewing 6 posts, 1 through 6 of 6 total. September 15 Hi Looking to add a "Promo Code" field in our form.

Promo code using javascript/ajax and php

A 'Coupon Code' is made up of letters and numbers grouped into 4 character 'parts'. For example, a 3-part code might look like this:. Coupon Codes are random codes which are easy for the recipient to type accurately into a web form. An example application might be to print a code on a letter to a customer who would then enter the code as part of the registration process for web access to their account. The 4th character of each part is a checkdigit, so client-side scripting can be used to highlight parts which have been mis-typed, before the code is even submitted to the application's back-end validation. The checkdigit algorithm takes into account the position of the part being keyed. So for example '1K7Q' might be valid in the first part but not in the second so if a user typed the parts in the wrong boxes then their error could be highlighted. The code generation algorithm avoids 'undesirable' codes.

Validating Stripe Coupon Codes

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Think, if you want to add a coupon feature also so that users get attracted to your offers and go for a payment instantly.

Validate that Coupon in Stripe!

I'm looking for help adding a coupon code box onto our existing webpage. I'm not sure how simple or complex this might be. From looking around it looks like I need a "coupons" file that will have a list of the valid coupon codes and then I need to add the box that they will type in there code for validation. Also I would like to make it so once the code is used it is deemed invalid i. Any and all help is appreciated. To check out what the code is currently like go to: Just go to Shop Online and just add anything to the cart and click "Checkout via our secure server" That will take you to the page that I would like to add the coupon box. I'm not sure what kind of cart or version of php he used. Our computer guy no longer works here. And I don't have much experience. It looks like he at one time had osCommerce installed but it doesn't look like it is using that right now. It's coming from " jmadrix gmail. Should be all the files you need. If you have a mysql Database, and you can find the part of the script that calculates the total to be paid:.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I am figuring out how I could make the following query more secure: I have looked into the using prepared statements but I also have to take into account the following line:. It actually adds a whole lot of security. If used correctly always use quotes around escaped variables check for int when not using strings , don't use certain multi-byte character sets , your code will most likely be completely secure. Your code should be secure against SQL injection, but you really should use prepared statements instead. Your code is open to XSS in multiple places.

Register or Log in. Lost password? Having an issue with the forum login? The workflow I'm going for is to send an email with a "discounted" link or button - whatever , that sends the buyer to the product's website, which is a standalone webpage, written in PHP not part of the Wordpress site where eStore lives. If they subsequently hit this page's Add to Cart button, they'll go to the cart, and a coupon code gets applied automatically. It also adds a cogratulatory note right above the button that says that a coupon has been detected and will be applied in the shopping cart. User clicks Add to Cart, coupon code is sent to eStore shopping cart page let's say the URL is something like example. This all works fine, but I'd like to take it one more step and have step 2 actually validate the coupon code against eStore's list of coupons - last thing I want is for a buyer to try using an expired discount link and not find out the coupon's no good until they get to the shopping cart! Is there a way I can have PHP code on an external site reach into eStore and check a coupon code to make sure it's valid and for bonus points, bring back the discount terms - i. Unfortunately, I think this is a fairly simple question that I fear I'm asking in an overly-complex way Since the standalone page is "special," why not have the button add a product that is identical in every way to the non discounted item; except the price? We don't have an API to check the discount coupon code from an external site. We can do a custom job for this if you really need it:

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