Northern lights incense coupon code

Northern lights incense coupon code

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Sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date with exclusive Sabbat Box specials, coupons, news and more! Boxes ship: As we swiftly head toward the halfway point between spring and summer, ships set sail for richer shores! During this particular time of the spring, many of our ancestors would begin planting season, if they hadn't done so already, and would have made offerings to the earth and various deities with the specific request of crops abundantly emerging with a bountiful harvest and good return.

Like the Wheel of the Year, we turn our attention to the upcoming fire festival of Beltane on May the First, where bonfires, feasts, and communities coming together are in focus. Within Wiccan lore, during Beltane, the Lord and Lady The Goddess and The God have reached the integral point in their perpetual dance to come together in sacred union—with their young adulthood being the result of growing fertility and the ascendancy of light and Sun. Their love and infinite ebb and flow of separation and togetherness is cyclical throughout the seasons and during the turning of the wheel, but during Beltane, they become a symbol of divine union.

Within this lore, their coupling of the divine feminine and divine masculine is meant to be a representation of nature around them. Their instinctual coming together to continue the cycle of life that would lead to reproduction, a fruitful harvest , ultimately provides a way forward for new life to be brought forth -- New life being the ultimate return on love and labor invested.

The Codex Runicus. As one treads onto the path of Germanic and Old Norse systems of Pagan beliefs , you will quickly discover that similar to all spiritual beliefs of old, it is filled with deep history and folklore made up of stories, legends, mythology, poetry as well as shamanic and occult practices.

It is with these stories and mythological texts from the Viking age known as the Poetic Edda and the Havamal that people have been able to lay the foundational landscape for what has been molded and adopted into that of modern day Norse Paganism. Modern Norse Paganism is blanket term that can encapsulate the adopted practice of various pre-Christian beliefs during the "Viking Age" of Northern Europe.

One of the larger aspects of those ancient Nordic and Germanic practices that many modern Pagans study and have adopted are the system of runes. Runes are not just merely letters that helped to shape our modern alphabet, but they are considered to be a powerful and complex form of magick, conceived in the minds of ancients priests and magicians. The commonly used Nordic or Scandinavian system of runes that is used and we are focusing on for this box is the Elder Futhark: Today modern Pagans have reconstituted and adopted the runes into various Pagan practices, and regardless of the pantheon of belief, are still to this day considered to represent the ways and wisdom of our past.

It is in the spirit of this ancient time and ancient place that we focus our Beltane Sabbat Box procurement this year. We have collected a number of elements that provide insight into the age-old magick of runes, how they can still speak to us, while further learning what unique practices stem from Norse paganism and how they can help broaden our own spiritual beliefs. We hope that the upcoming summertime brings lots of light and life to you, and we hope that this Beltane Sabbat Box may enhance the bale-fires that we light inside us.

The great turn of The Wheel brings us back again to spring, the season when new life and new possibilities are in full flourish. ITEM 1: A representation of the divine feminine, perfect for any altar. BREAKDOWN Gods and Goddesses have long played an extremely important role within our religions and spiritual practices, even going all the way back to our earliest of roots, history shows us that our pagan ancestors would venerate and honor various archetypal deities.

More specifically, during spring and the start of planting season, it was the mother-like fertility goddesses and divine feminine archetypal figures that would receive an abundance of attention, as they were viewed as the quintessence of our existence — the givers of life, the bearers of breath and birth. Keeping this in mind, we wa- nted to include an archetypal goddess figure inside each box as a way for you to tap into and connect with the old ways of our ancestors.

Representing the embodiment of a flourishing spring with her spiral belly and creeping vines growing upon her , use your Spring Goddess statuary as a symbol of birth, growth, and prosperity -or- lend her the name of the divine being you work with and allow her to represent that figure on your altar when engaging in your spiritual practices..

Spiral Goddess Statue. ITEM 2: A simple yet effective form of sympathetic magick to usher in prosperity. BREAKDOWN Mojo bags, also known as or charm bags or sachets as they are often referred in various paths , are an old form of magick that practitioners have used for centuries. The kit we have included in your Sabbat Box can be used as a complete spell by itself, or it can be used as a component of your own ritual working as a way to encourage prosperity and abundance to manifest in your life.

Each set includes a linen bag filled with herbs that correspond with prosperity alfalfa, spearmint and chamomile , a lucky I-Ching coin, a piece of green aventurine long known for its association to money and success , and simple instructions explaining how to use the items. All items have been specifically chosen because of their traditional correspondences to financial and material success as well as prosperity.

Follow the included instructions to create and charge your sachet. There is even enough room left within each of the linen bags for you to add your own corresponding components to further add your own energy and intent within. Your imagination is the only limit for this basic sympathetic magickal tool. Prosperity Kit By Light of Anjou. Anjou draws upon the power of the moon phase and the flux of elements to craft powerful tools to help you in your witching journey.

ITEM 3: This decadent ritual anointing oil is vegan friendly and made of high quality essential oils, perfect for any practicing pagan. BREAKDOWN Anointing oils are a powerful means of dedicating yourself or your magickal components with energies correspondent to your intent, and this prosperity oil from Earthen Alchemy makes the perfect companion to any spellwork or ritual involving financial matters or money-making endeavors, workings of growth and manifesting success.

This potent mixture includes rose, patchouli, orange, lavender oils, in a base of jojoba and fractionated coconut oil, all known for their correspondence to financial success, manifestation and material prosperity. Earthen Alchemy is an old world esoteric apothecary specializing in spiritually crafted ritual supplies such as ritual oils , baths, wild crafted ointments and balms , herbal tinctures , skin care and more! All of their herbs are hand foraged and organically grown in the Canadian Boreal Forest, and are vegan and cruelty free.

Learn more about this vendor in the featured vendors section below ITEM 4: A perfectly sized all natural beeswax spell candle, meant for prosperity workings. All beeswax spell candles by Lailoken's Awen are created, charged and anointed during proper corresponding astrological timing this candle is specifically charged during the day and timing associated with Jupiter. Success and Prosperity Spell Candle. L ocated in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Lailoken's Awen is an online Pagan supply store specializing in hand crafted ritual supplies such as spell candles , oils , incense , spell supplies and more!

ITEM 5: These stick incense are custom made for Sabbat Box and cannot be found anywhere else. Each handmade stick incense is crafted with an underlying base of honeysuckle and early spring blooming flowers meant to promote abundance, prosperity, rebirth, balance and fertility when burned. Blooming Prosperity Incense. Charme et Sortilege Charm and Spell , is a brick and mortar metaphysical store , online witchcraft supplies store, and a wholesaler of pagan supplies located in Montreal, Quebec.

ITEM 6: These pyrites are beautiful specimens, perfect to add to your crystal collection. Each set comes with an info card as well as an organza bag to house it for safe keeping. Pyrite Crystal Set. This handy guide allows for quick reference when working prosperity magick. This handy guide offers both a detailed visual breakdown and a simple explanation of the different magickal correspondences, history, and lore surrounding prosperity magick.

Each guide includes info on, h erb correspondences, crystal correspondences, lucky charms, history and lore of prosperity and good luck charms, and more! Each guide is 8. Prosperity Magick Info Guide. Anjou is a hedge witch toiling in herbal potions, ritual and therapeutic oils, mystical art, divination, spirit work, and magickal tools. I have seen the strange woods I once called home and the campfire that cooked my scarce meals.

Earthen Alchemy is an Esoteric Apothecary that specializes in wellness for your mind body and soul. They feature wildcrafted herbs and locally sourced ingredients and are inspired by the Boreal forest, pagan folklore and the greater beyond. Their offerings include apothecary goods such as lunar phase soaks and ritual oils , planetary oil blends , Deity inspired aura sprays , anointing oils, herbal tinctures , spell and craft tools, wildcrafted natural body care and more.

New Prosperity candles coming to the shop next update! Marie has been a practitioner of the craft for over 40 years, specializing in Hermetic and Druidic traditions. Marie is a high priestess, a Druid, an author, teacher, and an actress. Pascal Raymond, a co owner at Charme et Sortilege, is also a practitioner of the craft, with an Eclectic background in various traditions. Pascal currently serves as the director of operations and helps to keep Charme et Sortilege running smoothly.

Nine years ago he began his education in aromatherapy and herbalism, and has studied extensively over the years not only their therapeutic properties, but also their energetic properties. As well as compounding blends based on their energetic properties, Lailoken takes the creation process one step further and utilizes the energies of the universe around us by creating each product on the appropriate day, during the appropriate hour, and even during the proper phase of the Moon and time of the year.

So much success and prosperity lailokensawen tobelieveinmagicistobelieveinyourself themagicofmaking magic magick hermetic hermeticism ritual ritualmagic ritualmagick druid druidsofinstagram druidhermeticist pagan pagansofinstagram neopagan witch witchcraft witchesofinstagram witchythings wicca. Ostara, also known as the spring equinox, is a celebration of that fertility and renewed opportunity and a reflection on how our ancestors lived or died on the return of growing crops and expectant livestock.

Ostara, historically, is the Sabbat commemorating the Spring Equinox. The day of the Spring Equinox brings alignment of the sun with due east, the day ending when the sun sets due west. May your Ostara be filled with much prosperity and golden blessings. The modern spiritual observation of the shift from darkness to light, from old to new, is what Imbolc is all about. Many Pagans use this time to take stock and begin to lay a foundation for the growth and improvement they seek over the coming year.

And like the first step in any magickal working, creating a solid magickal foundation starts with purifying, cleansing, ridding and banishing all that needs it -- in order to take the steps to ultimately replenish ourselves and our spirit. By starting the year with a focus on purification and clearing of the old, we lay the groundwork that we need in order to aid us in manifesting the future we desire The winter solstice can be a time of darkness, stagnation, and a sort of end-year malaise.

When that Times Square ball drops at midnight on the new year, however, our consciousness tends to shift: This gorgeous brass bell is decorated with symbols that represent both feminine and masculine aspects of the divine. It contains triple moons signifying the Goddess in all her aspects , and fixed atop its handle is a horizontal crescent moon symbolic of the horns of the God.

Many practitioners use bells to signify or mark particular moments within ritual or spellwork, such as the opening and closing of the circle, calling the four quarters, or to chime the moment of exercised intent. This bell can be used for such or as an all-around tool to bring higher vibrational energy within your sacred space to purify and banish negativity. A soft chime of a bell can be used to cleanse an area where you may not want or cannot use smoke or smudge. A harder tolling can represent the high vibration energy necessary for banishment.

These stunning clear quartz towers are a great focal point and energetic symbol for your altar or sacred space. Clear quartz, unsurprisingly, corresponds to clarity, both in energy and communication. While quartz crystal itself is generally seen as a stone of universal intention as it is the culmination of all the colors of the rainbow like a prism, which many believe includes all aspects of all other stones , it also brings its specific significance of transparency and purity with its translucent brilliance.

Many crystal workers and practitioners recognize the energy-attracting power of the tower shape as a source of strength, stability, and power. These stunning towers are a perfect addition to any altar or sacred space, and can be used as a focal point for higher energy work and divination.

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Sold under various proprietary names, K2 is an herbal mixture sprayed with psychoactive chemicals to produce similar affects to marijuana, although the product was sold in local head shops as incense. Oklahoma Rep. David Derby, R-Owasso, the bill's primary author, said he put the legislation together after conversations with friends in the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. I have good friends in law enforcement in Oklahoma, and several of them mentioned to me that we were having trouble with K2. Derby said the substance was unknown to him prior to talking to state law enforcement officials. He was told that urban areas around the state were particularly problematic. What Derby discovered was that a substance being marketed as a natural blend of herbs and flowers to be used as incense in Oklahoma was, in the words of Anthony Scalzo, professor of toxicology at Saint Louis University, "neither natural nor safe. In an interview with Science Daily, Scalzo said that users' symptoms include rapid heartbeat, dangerously elevated blood pressure and vomiting, and that those "suggest that K2 is affecting the cardiovascular system of users.

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These older Northern Lights Candles coupon codes may be expired, but you can try them to see if they work:. Discover New Products. Read Our Shopping Guides. Explore our "Best Brands" Lists. Browse our Brand Directory. Narrow Your Options. Compare Brands Side-by-Side. Get Brand Reviews. Find Alternatives. Buy at the Lowest Price. Find a Discount Code. Check Discount Policies. Shopping Tools.

For orders ending on cents, your points will be rounded down to the nearest Euro for example: Your Spacemiles will only be credited to your account when payment has been received in full and your order has been shipped. Whether a product qualifies for Student Discount is recognized by the study hat next to the prize. The discount is automatically deducted in your shopping cart when ordering. Have you received a voucher or email with a discount code? Fill this in when completing your order, before paying, in the appropriate field and your discount will be deducted immediately. We need proof of registration. After approval from us you can use the student discount. Upload a jpg, png or pdf file. Shopping cart Complete your order.

Take a moment to explore the website and discover the endless medicating options we provide for our patients. From shatter wax and cannabis oils to THC and CBD infused gummies and candies — we strive to provide an array of medical marijuana choices to fit whatever preference you might have. Additionally, and most importantly, Rackwitz Medical Shop proudly delivers top grade medical marijuana strains. Just check our current strain list here on the website to see the freshest strains we have available. We have different types of extract products such as honey oil, wax, shatter, crumble, hash, cannabis oil, and putty. Examples of such are bars, brownies, cookies, quenchers, gummies, candies and drinks. After you receive your user credentials, simply login to your account. Then, add your desired products to your cart and hit checkout. Just like shopping for anything else online, except when you order with us. We will send you medical marijuana and concentrates and edibles and more! For patients outside our immediate delivery area, we offer FREE medical marijuana shipping on large orders. Therefore, you can track the delivery until it arrives safely to your home.

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