Johnsonville coupons october 2020

Johnsonville coupons october 2020

Johnsonville coupons october 2020

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Our customers have grown to expect the best in quality and service from Johnsonville. These guidelines have been developed in an effort to meet and exceed the growing service needs of the industry and of you… We have coordinated our guidelines into the following document. Please find all the information you will need for key areas including, order placement, shipping information, programs offered, deduction, and post audit information and more.

The service guidelines are also located online at www. Together, through this effort, we can positively impact profitability by eliminating unnecessary costs and increasing efficiencies between our organizations. As always, we will work with you to achieve these results through a collaborative approach. We look forward to our continued successes and on the positive results we expect to achieve by working with you on these guidelines!

Reaching Our Customer Service Center 2. Order Requirements 3. Minimum Size for Your Order 4. Placing Your Order 5. Required Information for Placing Your Order 6. Confirming Receipt of Your Order 7. Required Lead Time for Orders 8. Late Orders or Order Changes 9. Back Orders Shelf life and Code Dating Reclamation Policy Product Withdrawal or Stock Removals Unloading Practices Pallets Types and Exchange Pricing of Orders Product Diversion Payment Terms Acknowledgement Letter.

Our Customer Service team is available to answer any questions you may have. During a normal business week, our Customer Service Center is available a. Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday, by calling In addition, all of our customer support representatives have voicemail, and may also be reached by e-mail. There may be exceptions to this schedule during company functions and holidays.

Any change to the normal schedule is communicated to our Headquarter Sales and Field Sales teams, as well as to our third-party logistics providers. Our Field Sales team will notify customers. In the event you cannot reach our Customer Service Center, or it is outside standard business hours, please contact your local sales person or broker for any and all questions or needs that you may have for an immediate answer or solution.

To ensure that the service we provide is as smooth and convenient as possible, we ask that when you place your order, please refer to the following guidelines. All sales orders submitted are subject to standard Johnsonville Terms and Conditions. The minimum order size is 2, pounds. Multiple orders for the same customer ship to location, being delivered the same day, are all considered together as counting toward this minimum.

We also ask that items are ordered in even layers where possible. If your order does not meet the minimum size, you will be asked to either:. Johnsonville will accept orders from customers and brokers via electronic data interchange EDI. If you have an order for one shipping date which includes both frozen and refrigerated unfrozen products, please place the frozen and refrigerated products on separate purchase orders POs. This will help ensure that each product is maintained separately at its own proper temperature while being processed.

Electronic data interchange EDI is the preferred method of transmitting and receiving orders, because we have found it to be the most efficient method for both our customers and Johnsonville. Our goal is to have direct communication between our business unit and you the customer. A broker should be the intermediary only when appreciable value-added activity can be demonstrated for example, guaranteeing pricing accuracy. Customers and brokers who wish to participate via EDI must establish contact with the EDI manager to coordinate initial setup and testing.

It is critical that your order transmission reflect the expected prices for each variety of product ordered, please! We encourage all customers to be EDI-compliant with all transmissions, especially with the following transactions:. We send this acknowledgement on the next pick-up cycle from the electronic mailbox.

Customer, brokers, and sales representatives who place orders using methods other than EDI will have the option of receiving an order confirmation by e-mail or fax. These confirmations will include the order processing number, PO number, number of cases, weight, and pricing for verification. Customers and brokers will also receive purchase order acknowledgment via EDI transmission that will include all information contained in the Johnsonville order entry system.

The customer and broker are responsible for verifying prices on the order acknowledgment. To allow the standard lead time and ensure timely delivery, please be sure to place your order before the end of the business day that is three days not including Saturdays or Sundays prior to the shipment date based on the sailing schedule that applies to you.

Please contact your Johnsonville sales representative or the Johnsonville Customer Service team for your specific sailing schedule. Longer lead times will apply for customers requesting product that is made-to-order, customized, customer branded, or for our international customers. These individual order placement schedules will be provided to our customers prior to placing 1st order for these products. Again, we request that you allow the standard lead time for your orders to ensure your product is delivered to you as you need it, when you need it.

However, if this is not possible due to circumstances beyond your control and you must place a late order or order change, we will make every effort to accommodate it if possible. We will investigate the following options before we notify you whether we can accept the late order or change:. If the order or change is less than a full truckload, our Customer Service team will contact our Transportation team to determine whether there is room for your order on existing trucks without incurring additional expense.

We will also verify that the order has not been committed at our 3rd Party Warehouse. If there is no room on an existing truck, the customer will be contacted to determine whether the order needs to be shipped or can be moved to the next regularly scheduled shipment day. Please refer to sailing schedule The customer will be given the cost associated with shipping the order on an additional truck. If the order is a full truckload order, we will contact our Transportation team to determine whether a truck can be secured and delivery can occur by the required delivery date, and the cost associated with shipping the product.

If we are unable to secure transportation for the originally requested delivery date, we will work to accommodate the first available delivery for which we can secure transportation, before moving order to the next normal sailing date. We ask that all customers order in quantities of product such that they occupy full pallets, if at all possible, or at least full layers of a pallet.

Please refer to the attached list of item pallet configurations. Customers who do not order in quantities sufficient to occupy full layers will be asked to increase the item quantity to occupy a full layer. Every effort is made to fill orders at percent of the quantity requested. In the case where the full amount of product is not available to be shipped on a customer order, our Customer Service team will contact either the Johnsonville sales representative or broker to notify of any shortages once the order has been invoiced.

Shorted quantities will need to be placed on a new PO number, or added to an existing PO. As an alternative to delivery, Johnsonville offers a customer pick-up program. To participate in this program, you must agree to the following guidelines. The freight allowance will be based on truckload outbound rates. The rate does not include unloading services, detention fees or fuel surcharges.

We encourage customers to consolidate the Johnsonville freight with other similar shipments to gain efficiencies within your transportation operation. Important: To keep the administration of the pick-up program manageable and minimize the possibility of errors, we are unable to allow customers to switch back and forth between picking up orders and having Johnsonville delivering them. The customer will take ownership of products at the time of pick-up.

The customer is responsible for product temperatures during transit. Temperature requirements are as follows:. Customer truck drivers and carriers are responsible for all product overages, shortages, and damage OSDs at the time of pick-up. Our OSD call number is Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in discontinuation of the pickup program with a customer.

Please contact the Johnsonville Transportation team at for more information, or to participate in the Johnsonville customer pick-up program. Johnsonville goes to great lengths to understand how products perform under normal storage and shipping conditions. In doing so, we have established shelf life standards that will ensure optimum performance for our customers and consumers. For products intended for frozen storage, a Best Flavor By date is printed on the case label indicating the date at which peak freshness is ensured.

For products intended for refrigerated storage, a Sell By date is printed on the case label indicating the date at which peak freshness is ensured. In addition, Johnsonville also codes each package within the case with a designated code that provides additional data about the product. This data includes what raw materials were used to make this product and what line and time the product was made.

All of this information is invaluable when an issue arises that warrants product tracking or retrieval. All of our products are inspected for superior quality before leaving our manufacturing facilities and Johnsonville delivers products to our customers in a saleable condition. All questions and concerns related to Johnsonville products should be addressed with your Johnsonville Sales Manager.

Under rare circumstances, Johnsonville will need to locate and withdraw products from the market. However, under those situations where products have left our possession and a problem is detected, we have the ability to track and trace product routes. We will communicate these issues early in the process and ask for help to ensure a rapid response.

Our communication will flow through our sales and customer service teams and will include information about the issue, the product lots that are impacted and actions to locate and withdraw products.

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Our customers have grown to expect the best in quality and service from Johnsonville.

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This is our view of the program, benefits and ways it can help you. One of the biggest benefits is it helps you save money on groceries using the PC Plus Points Program. Instead you collect points to be used in the store for future use whether it is for food or gift items. Many people will save up points for special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas or for those times of year when gift giving expenses are higher or to use for those unforeseen moments when the car craps out and leaves you short in your budget for shopping. Regardless of what you save them for, how you spend them or what you spend them on it is a great way to save money. Check each offer as well to ensure it allows you to buy multiples of an item in a single transaction as on occasion an offer will only be good for 1 item. You must redeem 20,pts each time you do a redemption. It goes in increments of 10,pts after that. So in other words you must redeem 20,pts or 30,pts or 40,pts etc etc. They do advise having your PC Plus Card scanned before you start cashing out in order to receive your points.

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