Dtv coupon program

Dtv coupon program

The digital-to-analog converter box coupon program was a result of the digital transition, which occurred on June 12, Because so many people needed to buy a DTV converter box , the U. The coupons were offered by the government due to changing laws about over-the-air broadcasts, which required all broadcasts to switch to a digital-only format. These converter boxes were available in retail stores during the transition. After July 31, , consumers could no longer obtain free coupons from the United States government to purchase a digital converter box. It gained additional funding in because of its popularity.

DTV Coupon Box Program Concludes With Bang

Joel Topcik: We are talking about how you can prepare for the digital TV transition. As we have learned, if you want to continue to receive over-the-air broadcast on your older analog only TVs, you will need a Digital-to-Analog Converter box. Did you know that the Federal Government has a coupon program to help you purchase these converter boxes at a discount?

Meredith Attwell Baker: Well, you can apply now and we are going to be accepting applications for coupons up until March 31st, You can request these coupons through our website www. You can just call us and we will send you an application. They are also available in libraries and we are working with communities to get them in other places so that it will be easy for the consumer to get the application.

Certain retailers also have them available. Now we have You are going to need to give us your name and your address and whether you want one or two coupons and you are also going to need to tell us whether you receive your television over-the-air. You can use your coupons to purchase coupon eligible boxes. When you send you your coupon you are going to get a list of eligible converter boxes that is going to be include with your coupon and they will also be labeled in the stores when you go to purchase them.

The Congress gave us certain specifications to create a very simplified converter box that's going to be eligible for this program, but we wanted to make sure that they work. So we have tested them and we have make sure that they work and we have certified up to -- well, right now about 50 boxes that you can use your coupon towards and some of them are different than others.

Some have permitted features such as a smart antenna or an enhanced programming guide, Energy Star Certification and some have a permitted feature called low power pass-through. So if you watch low power stations or translators or class A stations then you will need to get that permitted feature in the certified box. Coupons are active for 90 days so when you receive your coupon, you have a chance to do some consumer comparison of the boxes to figure out which one you want or if you decide to make a transition in some other way such as buying a digital television or subscribing a cable or satellite or some other pay television service.

No, at this point you cannot replace a lost or stolen coupon, so when you receive it in the mail, you need to guard it and use it within 90 days because it's going to expire after 90 days. There are over retail outlets where you can redeem your coupons and then places you would expect like BestBuy, RadioShack, Walmart and Circuit City as well as some online retailers.

Yes, these coupons are transferable. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our consumers to make the transition for their loved ones and the ones they care about. Now we are going to be watching up for waste, fraud and abuse. So obviously you can order a bunch and remember that each household can only order two coupons. So if you order two coupons and you use one coupon for your friend then you cannot order any additional coupons. Well, there you have it.

We hope this video has answered your questions about the digital TV transition and helped to prepare you for this important moment in television history. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to consult the sources presented in this video. For up to the minute news and analysis on the digital TV transition and the business of television please visit www. Prepare for the Digital TV Transition. Description Transcript. When can I apply for my digital converter box coupons?

How do I request a coupon? Where else are coupon applications available? When will I receive my coupon? Generally speaking, about three weeks after you apply. How many coupons can I request? What information do I need to provide the Government to request my coupons? Can I use my coupons to purchase any TV converter box? How long are coupons active? Can I replace a lost or stolen coupon? Where can I redeem a coupon? Are the coupons transferable to others? Videos in this Series 1.

Office of Telecommunications and Information Applications

Hold off on getting that digital converter box. Dtv gov get couponor call toll free To date, more than one million applicants have requested two million coupons. For all the folks out there who did let their government-issued TV converter box coupons expire, it may have some value after all. The federal government has established a converter box coupon program for households with analog TVs that will need a special 69 eBay coupon, coupon code, and promo code. Coupons Packers Pro Shop.

Joel Topcik:

While your instincts may tell you to sign up as quickly as possible, there's a strong argument to be made to hold off for a little while. Here's why:. That's unfortunate because we're guessing many people don't think much of it, and are just trying to sign up before they forget. Now you're forced into getting whatever DTV boxes that are currently on the market, even though That wouldn't be so bad, except that the Echostar TR looks like it's going to be substantially better than current models, offering a full EPG and program search functoinality.

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In light of recent events concerning many security issues we at Cottage Computers have dedicated a section of our website to the safety and security of our customers. Here, we will be posting information and links to news articles concerning important topics in the technological world that may affect our customers in the home or office. It is our wish that customers will make this site a regular stop on their daily internet surfing. Digital broadcasting promises to provide a clearer picture and more programming options and will free up airwaves for use by emergency responders. The Program allows U. Consumers have a variety of options. Options to explore include:

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DTV Converter Coupon Program to Restarts

By law, between April 16 and June 12, all full-power television stations will turn off their analog signals and begin broadcasting exclusively in the digital format. The switch to digital television, known as the Digital Television DTV transition, will affect more than 34 million households nationwide that receive over-the-air broadcast signals. Digital is a more efficient way to broadcast, it will allow viewers to enjoy improved picture and sound quality, and it will free up the airwaves for variety of other important services, including public safety and advanced wireless technology. To continue receiving television signals, households affected by the DTV transition will need to subscribe to a multiplatform service satellite or digital cable , purchase a new digital television or purchase and install a converter box which will convert the digital signal into analog, making it viewable on an analog television set. These coupons can be used toward the purchase of coupon-eligible converter boxes at participating retailers nationwide. The DTV transition thereby offers a great opportunity for retailers to engage the roughly Many national retailers have already signed up for this program. However, since many potential customers are from rural or ethnic communities, there is substantial opportunity for independent retailers to benefit as well. To become a certified retailer for the TV Converter Box Coupon Program and take advantage of this potential opportunity, interested businesses must submit their application by Monday, March 31,

Coupon-eligible converter box

The converter boxes will allow households to continue to receive their signal when television stations cease analog broadcasting on Feburary 17th. People who applied for a coupon before Sunday, January 4th should receive the coupon. Those who applied after that date will be given a reference number and put on a waiting list. More coupons will become available over the next few months, as some coupons will not be redeemed. Click here for the test times. Metro Police need help identifiying one of two suspects wanted in connection to an armed robbery Friday afternoon.

The DTV coupon program is back on track

A coupon-eligible converter box CECB was a digital television adapter that met eligibility specifications for subsidy "coupons" from the United States government. The subsidy program was enacted to provide over-the-air television viewers with an affordable way to continue receiving free digital over-the-air television services after the nation's television service transitioned to digital transmission and analog transmissions ceased. The specification was developed by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration NTIA , with input from the broadcast and consumer electronics industries as well as public interest groups. In March , United States House Commerce Committee chairman Joe Barton of Texas said he would introduce a bill requiring the transition to digital television "sometime in the spring", saying he wanted analog broadcasting to end on December 31, The subsidies were intended only for people who could not afford a pay service such as cable or satellite television. Each home would receive a rebate coupon for one box, which could be mailed to the United States Treasury for redemption. Barton estimated that 8 to 10 million converters would be needed. This deadline later changed to June Recognizing that consumers might wish to continue receiving broadcast programming over-the-air using analog-only televisions, the Act authorized the NTIA to create a digital-to-analog converter box assistance program.

Digital TV Transition

This is one of three options if you own an analog TV set. You can purchase a new TV that is equipped with a digital tuner or you can keep your current TV and connect to a converter box or pay TV service such as cable or satellite. You can still receive free television over the air with an antenna just like you do now as long as your TV either has a digital tuner or is connected to a converter box. Call DTV for more information on the coupon program. This is just one of your options if you currently use an antenna with an analog TV. You can also choose to purchase a new digital TV or subscribe to a pay TV service such as cable or satellite. If you choose to buy converter boxes, you will need one converter box for each analog TV. Every analog set has to be connected to a pay TV service or converter box to get a TV signal after February 17,

Washington, D. Eshoo today voted to postpone the date of the Digital Television DTV Transition to ensure that more households will be prepared for the switch.

The DTV coupon program will end on July 31, If you still need a converter box, see our new post and apply right away. As you probably know by now, TV as we know it will change next year as the airwaves go all-digital. Most stations now broadcast both analog and digital signals, but that will end February 17, , when a new law requires them to transmit only digitally. If you have an older non-digital TV that receives programming via rabbit ears or a rooftop antenna, you'lll need to get a set-top converter box that can transform digital over-the-air broadcasts into analog signals that can be received by their TVs. But you have to request the coupons. We suggest you apply immediately, as they're being offered on a first-come, first-served basis until the funding runs out. Another reason to act now: Most stations are already broadcasting digitally, so you can use the converter box as soon as you get one to receive the extra programming and enhanced quality of digital transmissions. To get your coupons, you can call a toll-free number, DTV, and give them your name and address. You can also visit a website, www.

It was February , and Wilhelm, head of consumer education, had just explained the digital TV coupon program to a group of consumer advocates that included Cuellar. TVs that use antennas must have a converter; otherwise, they'll go dark once the switch happens. Cable and satellite TV customers aren't affected. For many, she pointed out, free TV is their only connection to the outside world. Cuellar's recollection of the exchange is shared by two other people who attended the private briefing: Chris Murray, senior counsel for Consumers Union, and Gene Kimmelman, vice president of international policy for the same group.

Please create an account to participate in the Slashdot moderation system. Would there be a benefit to getting the converter box? Yes, you still need the DTV receiver. The whole "DTV-capable" antenna marketing is largely a sham, like ethernet cables that say they're "broadband ready". Thanks so much! Also matrices of convert boxes to compare. Then, you need to see what type of antenna to get. Good places to discuss about DTV are at: I am not an expert and still learning, but these places are useful. I couldn't use my old fashion rabbit ears since they were too weak and they were decent for analog feeds. For those who can't decide which converter boxes to get with the coupons, then see Wikipedia [wikipedia. I still haven't ddecided what to get and I need to get them before May 27th, should had waited to get better models.

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