Deals from toronto to europe

Deals from toronto to europe

Goway has been customizing vacation packages departing from Toronto for over 48 years. With your ease of travel and time in mind, we have compiled some recommendations which Goway can offer you, the traveller. Below are just a few accessible suggestions for you to consider. For more ideas, simply search our countries listed in the top navigation menu or you can contact us directly to discuss your personal travel needs. The UK and Europe are perennial favourites with several cities accessible on non-stop flights.

The 10 Cheapest Flights from Toronto to Europe

Lisbon is a historic capital, with an unusual character and charm, where years of cultural influences mingle with modern trends and life styles creating spectacular contrasts. This city is simultaneously a bustling Atlantic port city and a gateway to the Mediterranean—fusing two distinct but complementary lifestyles and giving visitors a double dose of European culture, cuisine, and cosmopolitan flair.

Domed basilicas, frenetic flea markets, and secluded city gardens converge to create the unique cadence of Lisboeta life. The notes of fado songs—melancholy Portuguese ballads—echo from tiny patio taverns. The smell of fresh-caught seafood and Mediterranean herbs waft through al fresco restaurants in the Alfama quarter or along Bairro Alto. And down narrow lanes, clotheslines strung between open windows sway as clean laundry billows in the breeze.

Also you should visit the museums of Lisbon, which celebrate the rich history and culture of this Portuguese capital city. It is necessary to read these Terms and Conditions before making your reservation. It is important that you understand the contractual relation established when using the booking service of Azores Getaways. The portal allows for the reservation of the aforementioned services and issues vouchers automatically. The portal functions as an intermediary between the tourism companies Suppliers and the customer, and allows the customer to build a customizable and flexible travel package by selecting services and options tailored to their needs.

All services made available by the Suppliers are compliant with Portuguese law. From now on, the term "Supplier" refers but is not limited to the following entities: A "reservation" or "booking" refers to the acquisition of products or services made through Azores Getaways, which we have approved. When making a reservation with Azores Getaways, and when the service of your choice is available, the resulting contract will be between you and Azores Getaways.

Should you have any doubts before your trip, any and all questions related to the selected travel package should be addressed with Azores Getaways. Any specific questions concerning the chosen services with a Supplier must be addressed with the Supplier directly. Although we do our best to ensure the availability and accuracy of the services published on Azores Getaways, some errors may occur in your reservation. Once we become aware of the existence of such flaws, we will do everything possible to inform you of the occurrence within 72 hours after your booking.

We reserve the right to cancel your booking, without any prejudice to you or to Azores Getaways. Should the Supplier cancel or modify your reservation, you will have the option to choose another alternative offered by the Supplier or cancel your reservation. If the Supplier cannot offer a viable alternative within the 72 hour window, we reserve the right to cancel your booking without any type of compensation.

The organization of the trips available on www. For pre-paid travel packages, there are specific cancellation policies that apply, and, as a rule, they are non refundable. Regarding any and all tours purchased, in the event of a no-show or cancellation on the arrival day, the customer is responsible for paying the entire cost of the reservation.

The cancellation policy will be presented in the client's voucher, including any special conditions imposed by the Supplier s and conditions that have priority over the general cancellation policy. Each airline defines its own flights cancellation and alterations policy, meaning that there may exist non-refundable fares or penalties applicable in cases of cancellation or changes to the reservation.

In these cases, the customer will be informed via e-mail of the cancellation within 8 days. If a customer wishes to change their existing reservation date, or make any other changes subject to Supplier availability , the customer must pay an alterations fee. However, should the change take place 30 days or less before the date of the trip, or if the product providers do not accept the changes requested, the customer will be subjected to the fees included in the "Withdrawal" section.

Customers are free to withdraw from the trip or cancel it altogether at any time. Should it be the case, the customer will be refunded the difference between the amount paid and the fees and penalties mentioned above. The reservation fees on www. Fees are not refunded if the cancellation of the trip is due to the customer's request or is the customer's responsibility.

The prices indicated are per room, per period, and include all the applicable taxes. Should you wish to cancel or modify your reservation, the cancellation policy of the Supplier in question will be available in your voucher. Images - Although it is our objective to ensure that all images and descriptions of the accommodations are accurate and up to date, this cannot be guaranteed as the information available on the website is provided to Azores Getaways by the Suppliers.

The images and information published have the objective of providing a general idea of the accommodations. Please take into account that the images of interiors may vary from the lodging provided to you. Any complaint related to your accommodations should be handled directly with the Supplier, the sole party responsible for ensuring the conditions specified in your voucher. Should you wish to modify or cancel your Rent-a-Car reservation, the cancellation policy of the Supplier in question will be available on your voucher.

To cancel your reservation, please contact the Azores Getaways Customer Support Service within the deadline provided in your voucher:. Each Rent-a-Car company has its own specific Terms and Conditions, which will be explained in your voucher. If the cancellation policy of the Supplier is different than the general cancellation policy of Azores Getaways, the Supplier's conditions have priority and the client must abide by their specifications.

All drivers must have a valid driver's license and credit card in order to rent a car. Please take into consideration that additional costs or fees such as optional insurance, fees for additional drivers, etc. Should you wish to extend your trip and opt for returning the car after the date specified on your voucher, the Rent-a-Car company may charge you a different price for the extra days, a price that may vary from the price available on Azores Getaways.

The voucher contains all the information related to the booking dates, duration, names and contact information for the suppliers of the selected services, as well as their specific Terms and Conditions. Please read all the information on your voucher carefully. Before travelling, you must print out your voucher and present it as a proof of your reservation upon arrival. The customer is responsible for immediately notifying Azores Getaways in case of a change of address, email or phone number.

The customer is obligated to file a complaint with the airline the moment their bag is discovered as missing, deteriorated or destroyed. The departure and arrival times are indicated in the local time of the respective city and according to the schedules of the airlines on the date of their publication on www. Travel Insurance is not included in any travel packages offered by Azores Getaways. Azores Getaways offers customers the option to purchase insurance to cover the customers should they need assistance or in case of cancellations.

The Suppliers require your credit card data in order to guarantee your reservation. As such, Azores Getaways sends your credit card information directly to the Supplier whose services you booked, after verifying your credit card. Please note that your card can be pre-authorized or charged sometimes without any options for reimbursement for certain fares or special offers after the booking is made and confirmed.

Please carefully verify the description of the services before making your reservation. In order for us to pay this fee, you need to report the fraud to your credit card company according to their rules and proceedings and contact us immediately via the e-mail at customercare azoresgetaways. In the subject field, please indicate "credit card fraud" and send us the proof of the fee charged ex: The penalty will then be sent by us to the supplier of the service that was cancelled or for which the client did not show.

For each pre-paid travel package reservation, certain reservation fees are charged in accordance with the standing prices available on www. The airport taxes are always included in the final price of the reservation, unless otherwise specified, in which case they must be paid locally by the passengers in the airports where they are required. The final prices of the reservations reflect a total value that includes the local VAT Value Added Tax at the standing legal rate.

The Autonomous Region of the Azores is integrated in the Portuguese Republic, a member state of the European Union, and as such, the citizens of the other European Union countries can enter Portuguese territory without a visa or a passport, by presenting only their national identification document. Citizens of countries outside the European Union must check with their local authorities about any specific documents that may be required when travelling to Portugal prior to booking their trip.

The customer is responsible for contacting the relevant Embassy or Consulate for additional information. Requirements may change and you should check for up-to-date information before booking and departure. Azores Getaways accepts no responsibility if you are refused entry onto a flight or into any country due to your failure to carry the correct and adequate passport, visa, or other travel documents required by any airline, authority, or country, including countries you may just be transiting through.

This includes all stops made by the aircraft, even if you do not leave the aircraft or airport. The original version of these Terms and Conditions was written in Portuguese before being translated to other languages. The translations made available online are only a courtesy to our customers. In case of dispute over the content or interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, or in case of incoherence or differences between the Portuguese version and a translation, the Portuguese version will always prevail.

The Portuguese version is available on our website when choosing the Portuguese interface and it can be sent to you if you express your desire in writing. All the specific conditions of each service will appear on the respective vouchers. The client must have all the personal or family documentation required identity card, military documents, minor authorization, visas, vaccination certificates and other necessary documents. Azores Getaways denies any responsibility whatsoever for the denial of visas or entrance of the customer into a foreign country.

In these cases, the "Withdrawl" section applies, and the customer is responsible for all other costs brought on by the situation. Please note that many countries require that the passport has a minimum validity of six months starting from the entry date into this country. The client is responsible for getting all the information on visa requirements;. The customer is also responsible for providing accurate information for all relevant parties while making the reservation. The customer must respect the conditions imposed by the Suppliers as stipulated in the reservation voucher.

The client cannot behave in an inappropriate manner, as to offend or harm others, or destroy the property of others. Additionally, the client also accepts:. Should the customer have any doubt or complaint related to their reservation, they should contact the Azores Getaways Customer Support team prior to travel. By filling out the form, the customer agrees to renounce any ownership of the information provided to us. By filling out the questionnaire, the client agrees:.

These include, but are not limited to: When making a price estimate in your local currency, please take into account the possible currency fluctuations, which may alter the final price of your trip. All the content is protected by the copyright and intellectual property laws of Portugal and of the foreign jurisdictions. The unauthorized use of this content can violate the copyright in force, the trademarks and other intellectual property laws.

In order to see the complete Privacy Policy, please visit that respective section on the website. The current version of the Terms and conditions will be published on the webpage starting with the date it enters in use. To continue using this page after the alteration of the Terms and Conditions is to accept the alterations brought to it. These Terms and Conditions constitute a contract between the customer and Azores Getaways, which is a Portugal-based reservation central, governed by the Portuguese laws.

The client agrees that any dispute shall be resolved by the Ponta Delgada Court, in conformity with the laws of Portugal. The present terms and conditions were elaborated in accordance with the applicable judicial norms relating to tourism agencies, in the form of Law Decree no. The present terms and conditions may be complemented by any other specific terms, as long as all parties involved agree.

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The American Express Gold Rewards Card for Canadians is an excellent travel card for Canadians looking for a high-impact card with a low annual fee. The phone line, which had been abuzz for the past 20 minutes, went totally silent. On the other end, Carly, a spry twenty-something making plans for a few weeks of exploring Europe over the summer, sat in bewilderment. It took her a few seconds to regain her composure. Three months later, after a full day of hiking in Germany, Carly emailed me:

Travel from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and other Canadian cities to destinations throughout Europe for We find the best deals for you every week so you can save!

Cheap flights from Toronto to Europe Know your dates, get live prices in seconds: Search flights. Round-trip One-way Multi-city. Any month. Youth Children

Flights to Europe

Your browser seems to have cookies disabled. Please enable cookies to continue. Compare prices for escorted tours in Europe for all major tour companies in one search. Detailed itineraries and maps. Prices shown exclude airfare in Canadian dollars. The rich historical culture and close proximity of borders make European tours a popular choice among travellers from all walks of life.

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Cheap Europe Vacations & Packages

Imagine this…. Next Departure makes this possible by finding the cheapest flight deals for Canadians! We find deals to all sorts of destinations from Canada. The team at Next Departure are the experts at uncovering insane cheap flights, unadvertised sales and mistake fares! Customize your deal alerts and get instant notifications to score the deal of a lifetime. Never miss out on a great deal. You are instantly notified, the moment a deal is posted. You have the option to book directly with the airline or through third-party booking sites. You will be to access all flight deals, nothing is restricted.


Canada's national airline, Air Canada as well as its Star Alliance partners , operate into and out of Terminal 1. Apart from a single daily daytime Air Canada flight to London, England, all flights to Europe depart in the evenings, travel overnight and arrive into Europe the next morning, local time. Flying time from Toronto to London is 7 hours, 7. From Toronto, direct and non-stop service can easily be found on a variety of airlines, both Canadian and European, to many European destinations. Both scheduled and charter service is available, often running daily in the peak travel months of summer and decreasing in the winter months. Of course there are the staples, like London , Paris and Rome , but Barcelona , Amsterdam, Athens and Lisbon are all perennial favourites too, as are Iceland's Reykjavik and fun-loving Dublin. Straddling Europe and Asia, fascinating Istanbul is another hot ticket as is the picturesque and affordable Czech gem, Prague.

9 Ways to Save on Summer Flights to Europe

Europe has something for everyone. Find your dream European vacation this year with TravelAlerts. Find more information on your favourite European countries and see deals to help you plan your dream vacation. Sign me up to receive handpicked travel deals, special offers, promotions, notices, communications and other information that may be of interest to me from TravelAlerts. We will use your postal code and name to better tailor the offers, promotions, communications, and other information that we send to you. You can unsubscribe at any time. See TravelAlerts. Toggle navigation. Sign Up FR. Sign Up.

Are the wine bars of Parisian Montmartre calling you from afar? Do you pine for the Norwegian wilds, dream of the mighty fjords? Can you just not resist the thought of a frothy Belgian brew? Or maybe you're just dying for a jaunt through Stockholm and its ancient streets? Well, whatever it is that's calling you across the pond and away from your busy life in Toronto, we at Hopper understand. The following prices are for the average round-trip fares from Toronto to the destinations. So while prices may fluctuate throughout the year, with fare sales and specials, the following 10 destinations will typically be the cheapest cities one can reach in Europe. Perched out on the North Sea the other side of the Scandinavian Peninsula to its big brother capital of Stockholm on the Baltic, Gothenburg is a city laden with offbeat museums and creative galleries, peppered with towering landmarks of Sweden's long history and dressed in the alluring outfit of well-pruned park and riverside bar alike. Examples of itineraries from Toronto to Gothenburg recently found: Hailed by many as the European capital of "cool," Stockholm is a city that always lives up to its reputation.

Welcome to Skican, celebrating 50 years! We specialize in finding you, the destination skier, the perfect holiday.

Looking to explore a new country? Canada is known worldwide for its breathtaking scenery , multicultural cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, and a slew of beautiful national parks from coast to coast. Not to mention a population of friendly citizens along the way. However, if you want a change of scenery, it is simple to find short, accessible and affordable international trips from this great land. Below are the best choices for the shortest international flights from Canada, whether for pleasure or for business. The quickest getaways for many Canadians involve international trips to other places in North America. New York City is just a short flight away from most big cities in central and eastern Canada, making it a great round-the-year destination. For Canadians living in the western part of the nation, some of the shortest international travel destinations include Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California. These cities offer comfortable climate escapes during the winter, as well as prime business and recreational destinations any time of year. These two cities require one to six hours of flight time from most large Canadian cities. In just half a day, you could be surrounded by landmark palaces, bridges, cathedrals and museums of Great Britain, or you could start exploring the culture and cuisine of Edinburgh , Scotland, or Dublin , Ireland. Scandinavian nations should not be overlooked when considering fast international travel from Canada, either. Getting deals on hotels and car rentals can offset these higher prices for travellers willing to compare prices ahead of time. Rapid flight times can place you in cities like Tokyo or Fukuoka , Japan in 12 hours when leaving from western Canada.

Lisbon is a historic capital, with an unusual character and charm, where years of cultural influences mingle with modern trends and life styles creating spectacular contrasts. This city is simultaneously a bustling Atlantic port city and a gateway to the Mediterranean—fusing two distinct but complementary lifestyles and giving visitors a double dose of European culture, cuisine, and cosmopolitan flair. Domed basilicas, frenetic flea markets, and secluded city gardens converge to create the unique cadence of Lisboeta life. The notes of fado songs—melancholy Portuguese ballads—echo from tiny patio taverns. The smell of fresh-caught seafood and Mediterranean herbs waft through al fresco restaurants in the Alfama quarter or along Bairro Alto. And down narrow lanes, clotheslines strung between open windows sway as clean laundry billows in the breeze. Also you should visit the museums of Lisbon, which celebrate the rich history and culture of this Portuguese capital city.

We compile tonnes of data for you Our service lets you quickly and easily compare results from hundreds of travel sites at once. Prices on airline seats, hotel rooms and car rentals can change frequently. Several people may also be trying to buy the same travel option simultaneously. As a result, you may find, on occasion, that certain prices are no longer available. If you have more questions or if you have a bad price to report to us, please send us an email and someone from our team will get back to you promptly. Brunei has recently enacted strict laws that could affect visitors' human rights. Read More. Round-trip One-way Multi-city. Any month. Youth Children Seat Infant under 2. Lap Infant under 2.

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