The Nightmare Continues….


Another game, another poor performance and lets not beat about the bush another poor result.  We had a nightmare run against the top sides at the beginning of the season and wanted to give the manager the rub of the green to see what would happen when we’d come through the other side of those fixtures.  However let’s be honest, we are in a worse position now than we were 3 to 4 weeks ago!

At the early part of the season we all gave the manager the benefit of the doubt, we brought in a host of new players that needed integrating into the squad and when fixtures come thick and fast it’s hard to do so.  Two months into the season though we look like we are still in preseason…  Players look unfit and lack any cutting edge in their decision making, some being asked to play out of position, resulting in the team having absolutely no balance in the side.  Play your best players in their best positions Ronald!

He just doesn’t get it, I’m not sure he ever did… Football is such a simple game and he’s making it look so complicated.  Play with pace, play with width and stop playing two holding midfielders.  Gueye and Schneiderlin are both not good enough to dictate the play from midfield.  DCL, Rooney and Sigurdsson are all being shoehorned into the same team.  Rooney today was woefully off the pace of the game; Pickford had more touches with his feet first half than Rooney managed.  DCL was playing wide left; he’s never a winger in a month of Sundays.  People will moan and no doubt disagree but a fit Ross Barkley walks straight into that side.  We are screaming for someone in midfield to be able to put their foot on the ball and dictate the pace of the game.  Currently it’s walking pace stuff boys.

Koeman currently is under massive pressure but I don’t blame him entirely.  Yes the has been able to spend more money than any other Everton manager; however I don’t truly believe all the players brought in were of his choosing.  No way had he wanted Klassen, Sigurdsson and Rooney.  They are all too similar and I’m guessing at a push he’d had wanted one or two of them.  The fact the board allowed Lukaku to be sold and no recognised striker was brought in was nothing to do with the manager.  Those off the field decisions are having a massive impact on the field, as we all predicted.

We still have a good squad, but I feel the manager isn’t utilising it correctly.  Three massive games in the space of a week that could tell us where the season is heading, currently we’re heading for a relegation dog fight, out of Europe before Christmas and out the League Cup by October.  Remember Ronald our motto is the standard we expect.  Over to you….!



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