Is The Prodigal Son Returning..?

Last night news started to filter through that there was genuine interest from the club to bring back home a certain crocky youngster.

I’m not going to lie, I am little bit excited at the possibility.  I always thought it could be a possibility but every day it seems to get closer and closer to becoming a reality.

Back in 2004 like lots of Evertonians I was left heart broken as he left to join Manchester United for a record transfer fee.  Rooney was special, unique, he was one of us we all thought.  He couldn’t possibly leave for United, but he did.  I threw away all my Rooney posters, took the replica shirts with his name on it and stuck them in the loft.  I couldn’t believe our prodigal son had left…..

….Fast forward 13 years and Rooney’s return will be like the returning of the king.  He’s won absolutely everything there is to win within club football and lets be honest he would never had that opportunity if he’d had stayed.  However now he senses an opportunity to return to his boyhood club with the club on an upwards trajectory.

Make no mistake about it Everton are back and Rooney knows it and wants to be there when it all comes together.  Lets  forget the badge kissing and the disrespect, it came from both sides and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t giving him dog abuse when he came back, because like so many I was.  However like Rooney i’m older, wiser and as time has passed i’ve come to appreciate what an outstanding footballer he is and how proud we should be that we brought him through.

I was on BT Sport this year reminiscing about that famous afternoon against Arsenal.  What a day to be an Evertonian! Playing the countries best side at the time, unbeaten in umteen matches.  That ball from Gravesen, that touch from Rooney, my old man shouting ‘hit it son, just hit it’, as they say the rest is history.

Will Rooney be coming back with that youthful exuberance?  No of course he wont, he’s 31 now, lost that bit of pace he once had.  However this signing should it happen will tick so many boxes.  Firstly he brings a wealth of experience, he’s a born winner and with some of the younger lads like Davies, Holgate and Lookman will only do them good.  He is a leader on and off the pitch, something we lacked so much during the Martinez era.  Koeman has identified this as a weakness and in 12 months we’ve purchased the Welsh captain and former England captain! He can still play and people forget that, given a good pre season he’ll be right up to prove he still has it at the top level.  Commercially it makes so much sense.  Give him the number 9 shirt and the shirt sales around the world alone will pay his wages!  Lastly his return will send out the perfect message to potential new signings.  Look we’ve just signed England’s greatest ever goalscorer, do you want to be part of this?!  Of course you do….!

Jump aboard Wayne, the Everton express is heading to sucessville, you know you want to be aboard!

Come on you Blues!


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