Stadium Details Revealed

This evening unofficial details were released about our potential new stadium in Bramley Moore Docks.

Construction publication Barbour ABI has published said details and although at present these details are unofficial it certainly its enough to excite us Evertonians.

Titled: North Docks Project – Everton Football Club New Stadium.

The publication explains The Scheme as a “New Football stadium together with associated access, landscaping and car parking.  Works are also expected to include associated office, retail and hospitality facilities”.

The status is explained as, “Bramley Moore Dock has bee identified as the preferred development site for the new stadium.  Further information relating to proposals are expected to be announced April 2017”.  This certainly falls into line with the comments made by Robert Elstone in the AGM earlier in the month.

The publication also identifies the site address, which as we previously believed it is Bramley Moore Docks.

For me and the most exciting part of the Barbour publication is that under the heading of Stage it states that  the project is :Confirmed.

We must stress that this isn’t gospel but every month more and more details are unfolding.  So fingers crossed there is an official announcement soon.

The futures bright, the futures blue!

Come on you blues!



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