Everton Announce Multi-Million Pound Training Ground Naming Rights Deal


Its happening its actually happening!

For a while now Evertonians had hoped that Mr Moshiri would in some capacity bring in his good friend and business contact Alisher Usmanov to the club.  Well in the early hours of Friday morning he did.  The club confirming a naming rights partnership with USM Holdings which will see the Russian-based group become the Club’s first ever training ground partner. The initial five-year deal, commencing in January 2017, will see the Halewood training ground renamed USM Finch Farm.

For those of you who don’t already know who USM Holdings are,  they are a private global holding company  jointly owned by the worlds 58th richest man Alisher Usmanov and of course best mate to Mr Moshiri!

Although no official details in regards to how much the deal is worth (rumours suggest in the region of £20 million over five years) have been released, however what it does signal is Alisher Usmanov’s unofficial investment within EFC.  Premier League rules states any one individual isn’t allowed to have financial interests within two teams.  The way the club get around this is that Usmanov only owns 60% of USM Holdings with Vladimir Skoch the other major shareholder, while Moshiri owns less than 10%.  What the deal does allow us to do is to get around the FFP rules and follows the trend set by Manchester City and PSG.

Businesses within USM Holdings include Metalloinvest, the largest mining company in Russia and the CIS and the leading global manufacturer of hot briquetted iron, Baikal Mining Company, which owns one of the largest copper reserves in the world, MegaFon, one of the major telecommunications operators in Russia.  MegaFon have been linked in some circles this week as the potential new shirt sponsorship.  With the training ground sponsor now confirmed as USM Holdings, expect the shirt sponsor to follow suite and be one of the sister companies such as MegaFon or Metaloninvest.

These are exciting times and without getting too ahead of ourselves, you can feel the club is moving in the right direction.

All aboard the Usmanov…. I mean Moshiri super yacht, coming to a Dock near you!

Come on you blues!





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