Is the Honeymoon Period Over?!


Honeymoon period: a period of popularity enjoyed by a new government, or a new occupant of a post.

Ronald Koeman has been Everton manager since July and it’s fair to say Saturday was the moment he realised the size of the task in hand.  If he hadn’t realised it already his squad told him how incapable they are of functioning in the way he requires to be successful.  Apart from Gana and Steklenberg not many could claim to have at the very least ‘done their jobs’ properly.

The dire first half performance (again) against Swansea summed up the lack of spirit and desire within the squad, while the second half summed up the lack of real quality we possess.  This isn’t anything new though is it, we’ve kept faith with this group of players (minus Gana, Williams, Stek & Bolasie) for two and a half years with the same results.  We are far too passive when were in and out of possession and those individual defensive mistakes are once again creeping back into our game.

For me the honeymoon period for our Ronald has come to an end.  That’s not to suggest I doubt he’s the right man because I trust him wholeheartedly to get things right permitting he’s given two things, time and financial support from the board.

Koeman has only had one transfer window to remold the squad, however the players he wanted wouldn’t come or the selling clubs refused to sell.  We all felt frustrated by the lack of quality brought in.  It was glaring we needed a proven striker, a pacey centre half as well as more creativity from central midfield.  Unfortunately they didn’t come to fruition and we are now paying the price.  In the main the players brought in have all had an impact in one way or another.  However Rome wasn’t built in a day and Koeman will need more than one transfer window to stamp his authority on this squad.  So until at least January 1st there’s nothing he can do in the transfer window.

Nevertheless there are aspects he does have control of; who he picks, where they play and how we are set up.  My main worry is he is falling into the same problem Martinez had.  Good old Roberto played players in a system that they weren’t comfortable in.  They weren’t suited to the passing style where we passed it around the back for 10 minutes, the build-up was slow, allowing teams to get men behind the ball to frustrate us and then picked us off on the break when we lost possession.  Koeman has inherited this squad bar the four previously mentioned but the high pressing game he wants to enforce isn’t possible with this set of players.  Let’s pull no punches, most of these set of players have as much backbone as a snail at times.  They literally have no fight and to say they’re afraid of a bit of hard work is an understatement.

Certain players have been beyond poor the past month, Jagielka, Coleman, Bolasie, Barkley and Rom have all had huge dips in form at different times.  What I can’t understand is how they are allowed to get away with such abject performances.  Barring Rom perhaps, we have alternatives to give opportunities to.  A number of players who have been excelling in the under 23’s such as Davies, Holgate, Dowell and Calvert-Lewin should all be considered for opportunities.  They can’t do much worse than some of the so called more senior players have done.

The next month is huge, we have massive matches against United, Arsenal and of course the dreaded Derby.  We need some results and performances and fast. Time is ticking for some of the first team players.  Remember Ronald, our motto is the standard we expect.

Come of you blues!


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