In a flash it’s all over!

The dust has finally settled from the heart-breaking conclusion to Saturday’s match.  It’s taken a couple of days but the reality has now sunk in that the season is well and truly over.  A part of me is relieved it’s coming to a conclusion, as a frustrating season was summed up in typical ‘Everton’ fashion on Saturday!

Following on from the disaster which was the Derby, the FA Cup Semi-Final against United gave the players the opportunity to repay the fans for their abject showing.  They should’ve been out of the traps like racehorses, chasing those red shirts, giving them no time on the ball and harrying them into mistakes.  Unfortunately the players seemed in a trance and unsure what they were supposed to do.  In a nutshell it mirrored every poor performance we’ve witnessed this season.  In possession we didn’t pass the ball quick enough, our movement was poor and didn’t stretch them in any way.  Out of possession we sat off and allowed them to settle into a comfortable pattern of play and the amount of room we allowed them in wide positions was frightening.  The most frustrating thing was we made probably the worst United side in my life-time look like Barcelona.  The second half improved as we played Ross closer to Rom and the injection of pace by Gerry caused them all kinds of problems down their left. The second half summed up perfectly what it’s like to be an Evertonian. For a brief moment after the equaliser they made you believe we could do it. However in a heartbeat they took it away culminating with the most ‘Everton’ of conclusions to a game you’ll ever see!

The game itself summed up Everton under Martinez. All things considered, promised so much but offered very little.  We were told that he was a positive manager who would take risks in the big games.  Oviedo’s winner at Old Trafford and the draw at The Emirates aside, we’ve been woeful in the big games.  His record is nearly as bad as Moyes’.  It was clear from the first half performance that the players had given up the ghost with him.  Only in the second half for 20 mins did they look like rescuing something, but ultimately the game ended in disappointment.

I was so frustrated that Martinez was given the opportunity to lead us out on Saturday.  The damage of the Derby was irreparable and if he was half the man people say he’d had resigned.  However no doubt his £3 million pound salary had something to do that!  I believe a change of management ahead of the game would’ve given the whole club a lift.  Imagine Wembley if Joe Royle had been put in temporary charge?!  The club had nothing to lose, but ultimately it was us supporters who ended up being the losers, paying to watch that first half was painful.  A team that looked lost and in need of fresh injection of enthusiasm and ideas.  Big Joe would’ve given us that injection!

Walking out of Wembley I was disappointed but nowhere near as gutted as I was in 2012 when Liverpool beat us.  For the first time in all my life I feel so detached from the club and the football they serve up on a weekly basis, which lets not sugar coat it, is garbage!  All this, ‘you play good football’ is nonsense.  Anyone remember the last time we played well?  Stoke away in spells?  At home?  Chelsea perhaps?!  The season has been marred by so many poor performances on and off the pitch.  I won’t leave everything at Martinez’s door as there are many players who should be looking in the mirror and asking if they played or put in half the effort required to be an Everton player.  As far as I’m concerned they haven’t.  On Friday I attended an Evening with Kevin Campbell and spent plenty of time chatting with the legend on all this Everton.  He made a really interesting point when talking about Martinez.  He felt that the football played this season wasn’t conducive with what Everton is all about and as such supporters can’t get behind them as they have done  with previous teams of lesser quality.  I couldn’t have put it better, our football has been so dull for two years now and might tell us why Goodison has lost its atmosphere.  Watching Everton has become like going to the Cinema to watch a rubbish film over and over again.  You go thinking things will improve and get better but it doesn’t but deep down you know that!

I don’t want this article to become a Martinez bashing exercise, if you’re a regular visitor to Cahill’s Corner Flag you’ll know I’ve wanted him gone since last March.  His flaws are there for all to see and our record the past two seasons speaks for itself.  What is imperative if you’re reading this Mr Moshiri & Mr Kenwright is now the season has realistically come to an abrupt end you need to sack him with immediate effect.  All things aside, he is a good guy, just an awful manager.  However if you thought Southampton at home was bad the other week then Saturday v Bournemouth will be unbearable.  We already had one idiot try and get at the manager the other week and I’d hate for things to get nasty, he doesn’t deserve that but the board need to do their jobs properly and remove him from the situation.

If the board do their jobs and remove him before Saturday and give it to Royle and Unsy then it’ll lift this rain cloud hanging over the club.  Will inject some optimism ahead of the close season and might even give us a glimpse of some of the younger players currently setting the Under 21’s alight such as Dowell et al.  All we want as fans is something to get behind, I want my Everton back and I want it now!

Time to go Roberto, thanks for the memories of that first season but ultimately this job has been too big for you.  All the best at Derby County next year!

Come on you blues.


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