A New Era at L4!



Blues across the globe were met on Saturday afternoon with the fantastic news that the club are to have a new major shareholder. Welcome and thank you Farhad Moshiri!

As we all know by now Mr Moshiri has bought 49.9% of Everton FC, according to reports he has bought out Robert Earl ending any relationship the club had with Philip Green as well as buying some of Kenwright and Woods’, with both diluting their shareholding.

Whether you agree or disagree with some of the decisions Kenwright has made its fair to say he is a Blue at heart and I for one am very pleased that he will assist Mr Moshiri in the interim period. It’s important that the new ‘owner’ fully immerses himself in the club and what Everton means. By all accounts he has done that already and I’m looking forward to seeing the impact he can make to us on and off the field.

So what are the priorities?

First and foremost during the final months of the season we need to begin by tying players such as Stones, Ross and Rom down to long term deals. Fending off any potential interest as they are the spine what could possibly be our team for the next 5-10 years.

Secondly Mr Moshiri needs to get his head around some of the disastrous commercial decisions made by the previous regime. Commercially he has his work cut out, from the Kit-Bag deal, the selling off of the training ground, out sourcing of every revenue stream and of course the stadium issue. In my opinion his is first port of call should be issuing Mr Elstone’s P45!

I’m pleased he hasn’t bought into the club during a transfer window and now has the time between now and the summer to get to grips with the off the field issues mentioned above.

Obviously we have no idea the level of investment to come. Many media outlets are reporting that Martinez will be given a war-chest to propel our side into the Champions League reckoning, which is fantastic news. However the Spaniard should already have done that this season. He and the squad (with a few exceptions) have hugely under-performed. Readers of my site will know I’m not a fan of Martinez, however this investment might be just the kick up the backside he and his players need. Knowing at last that we have someone to call the shots and know if they don’t perform they will be replaced.

Looking towards the summer and regardless of who will be in charge I believe it’ll be a summer of mass change within the playing squad. Gibson, Pienaar, Osman and Hibbert’s contracts are due to expire so they will need to be replaced, McGeady will hopefully be sold and Howard is by all accounts close to re-joining the MLS. That’s 6 players without the need to find replacements should Stones or Rom move on. I’m excited by the thought of bringing some genuine world class players to the club. However only time will tell who and how many players will arrive at L4!

For the first time since we won the Cup in ’95 under Joe Royle have I felt this positive and excited for the future. At last it feels like there might be a plan, a direction, something we’ve been crying out for.

The futures bright, the futures royal blue!





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