Time Is Ticking For Martinez

It’s 4.55pm and another tepid performance is met by a cacophony of boos, something in the depths of Goodison doesn’t sit right with the supporters. Week in week out over the past month we have faced something often referred to as Groundhog Day. For those who haven’t seen the 80’s film, Bill Murray’s character only breaks the Groundhog Day spell by doing the right thing.Something senor Martinez is yet to achieve.

Since we turned over bottom of the table Villa we haven’t won a single league match. Bournemouth, Palace, Norwich are all games we should’ve won. Although least we say about Saturday the better. However in the main we didn’t take our chances and defensively we were exposed on several occasions and paid the price. Throughout December we have continued with the same team in every fixture, playing the exactly the same way regardless of the opposition. Martinez oozes arrogance and not in a good way. He believes that there is only one way of playing, there is never a Plan B and every substitution is ‘like for like’. As Einstein famously said: ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. Someone send this to Martinez please.

Personally I believe the job is too big for him. During his spells at Swansea, and Wigan, he was able to tender ambition and get fans of those clubs to believe in everything he says. Unfortunately for him, us Evertonians have common sense and aren’t easily brainwashed. I’m fed up of his constant pre and post-match soundbites. The latest nugget post Leicester was, ‘when you score two at home you expect to win’. Not when our defence and goalkeeper are throwing them in do we! The nail in his coffin for me was when he said ‘points aren’t important’. Points aren’t important? What the hell are we playing for then, the fun of it?! Don’t worry Martinez we’ll finish bottom but as long as the players are better for it, that’s fine! Give me strength!

Staying with the Groundhog Day theme, Bill Murray constantly changed what he did throughout the course of the film, hoping to break from the spell. However I’m not sure Martinez has the capacity to change. Whether that is down to stubbornness or arrogance but whatever it is it needs addressing ASAP. My worry is that when Wigan were desperate for points in 2013 he wouldn’t stray away from his ‘philosophy’ and we all know how that turned out! He needs to learn that there is more than one way to play and that the defenders don’t need to constantly take risks at the back. He also needs to learn that his current Number One is finished and if he continues to play him then we can wave goodbye to any chances of returning to Europe. He must realise that we need to play with width and balance, when Kone is in the side he needs to play through the middle or not at all. On Saturday we were so lopsided it was untrue. Change personnel, change formation change the pre match warm up, just change something to break this monotonous spell.

This time last year we went on our worst run of the season, losing all of our festive fixtures. Another run like that will drag us into a relegation dog fight. 5 wins in 17 isn’t good enough Martinez, time to pull your finger out, the longer it goes without change the worst it’ll get, for my health and for your job prospects!


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