A return to the old lady!

cropped-goodison-under-lights1.pngThis Saturday against Southampton marks my first trip up the M6/M56 for a league game this season and I can’t wait! My Dad and I have struggled to get up to many games this season due to family and work commitments. We’ve been to Lille and West Ham away and Wolfburg and Hull at home, but finally we get the opportunity to travel up to the Old Lady for a traditional Saturday afternoon kick off. For me the Saturday afternoon kick offs are equally as notable as night games.

For me Saturday afternoon games bring a real sense of nostalgia to Goodison. Regardless of what Sky may have you believe, football did exist prior to 1992! The feeling you get when you walk around the Old Lady prior to kick off is one of immense nostalgic pride. Recollecting aforementioned days when Dixie use to travel to the ground via the bus or when Pele stepped off the Brazilian coach on Goodison Road in 66’. However the moment you walk to your seat of preference you realise the rich history of the players that have graced the hollowed turf of Goodison, one that will never be replicated. Players such as Dixie, Young, Ball, Royle, Latchford, Pele and Eusabio to mention a few. The Old Lady has witnessed some of the world’s greats, and you’d be hard pressed to find another English football league ground with as much history as Goodison holds.

Nevertheless the moment for me that is synonymous to Everton on a match day more than anything is the moment Z Cars is played. The very second that drum roll begins, it sends shivers down my spine and makes the hairs on my neck stand on end. When that second cymbal crashes and the players begin to walk out is the moment that my heart rate starts to go through the roof! The expectancy of the game ahead and memories of days gone by really gets my heart pumping.

My trips to Goodison are always special as I get to share in the occasion with my Dad. Building more great memories and reminiscing of previous days gone by. Win lose or draw our two hour journey home are always filled with dissecting every aspect of the match. Although the journeys home can be monotonous sometimes, especially when you’ve just been turned over 4-0 by Bolton in December 2005! That’s the beauty of sport and how unpredictable it can be sometimes. That adjective couldn’t be more apt than it is for Everton though. The most predictable unpredictable team you’ll ever come across. However it is in our blood and as the motto goes, ‘we didn’t choose we were chosen’. Nonetheless we do keep coming back thirsting for more!

However long or short your journey may be this Saturday, let’s just hope it’s another memorable trip to see the Old Lady, as it will be one sad day when we move away from L4 4EL!


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